Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rogues aren't gods yet; Blizzard attempts to fix.

Blizzard is gearing up to fix "rogue issues" in World of Warcraft patch 1.10.1.

I don't really think Blizzard gets it. They did "get it" in beta that invisibility sucked ass and therefore it was removed from the mage class. But in effect they added it right back to the rogue class.

Rogues are the best PvE farming class and probably still considered the best PvP class. Granted I don't play WoW anymore (thank god!), but it doesn't take a genius to look at whats happening. Rogues are one of the most overplayed classes and therefore receives much of the developers attention. More people to bitch about bugs on message boards makes Blizzard's pants bunch up.

So Rogues aren't gods yet and Blizzard is determined to fix that :) Good day.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Haven't posted in a few...

Still playing EVE Online and getting my ass kicked in PvP (but so far I've learned A LOT!). Still playing Guild Wars. Played a match of Call of Duty 2 CTF with a few friends from [MW]HQ. Also playing Battlefield 2 a bit and plan on doing another BF2 video.

I've also joined the staff at Grimwell Online(now defunct) to write articles. Grimwell has given me a chance I don't plan to disappoint him. So look for some good articles over there with a bit more thought and effort put into them.

Other than that it's all roses and ice cream around here. Will post a larger update about myself soon hopefully. Some big changes in my life :)

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Charleston AFB Air Expo 2006

Attended Charleston AFB Air Expo 2006.
Update: 9 April 2009 - Removed link to pictures that are no longer uploaded.

Friday, April 07, 2006

WAR!!! EVE Online at its best!

Band of Brothers post on EVE Online forums.

For those of you that may not understand the significance of that post I will attempt to explain. Player alliances in EVE relate to each other via a "standings" system. -10 (hostile) all the way to +10 (friendly). 0 is neutral. In 0.0 (low security & player owned) space alliances have "not blue shoot it" policies. That means anyone without a positive standing will be shot down if they cross into any Band of Brothers (BoB) space and BoB just set everyone to 0. Follow this link(defunct link) to view the current alliance owned space regions (BoB is on the bottom left in blue). I'm part of the Huzzah Federation (middle bottom in pink). Band of Brothers is one of the largest and most war hardened alliances in game and by far the "big boy of the southern EVE systems" where my corporation and alliance claim home.

After standings there is war declarations. Any alliance or corporation can declare war on another corporation or alliance at which point they become hostile towards each other. The difference between standings and war "decks" (as they are known) is that you can attack players involved in a war in any security space. So there is no safe space during a war. Standings are just a reference point, but does not allow you to attack in safe space (0.5 and above).

While BoB's action is not really an official "war" declaration it effectively is step one towards an official declaration... actually a lot of declarations from anyone that lives near them! We will shoot them down and they will shoot us down if we cross paths... we just won't go out of our way right now to attack them and of course safe space is still safe for the moment.

What this means for my corporation and alliance?

Two things. First we have set Band of Brothers to a -10 standing which means we will shoot to kill them now. We don't play the neutral game... we want our members to know that BoB has turned hostile on everyone.

Secondly our neighbors, the FIX alliance, are no longer protected by BoB. BoB previously bailed them out of a very bad war that almost cost FIX their entire area of space. With BoB on one side of FIX and us on the other it may just be time to finish FIX off. I can't confirm that's what we're doing, but its wishful thinking on my part

This also means we are gearing for war... mining ops, ship building, and combat training. Fun fun!

What this means for EVE Online?

It puts an end to the relative lull in action lately. Diplomacy was truly taking over instead of violent conflict. People weren't fighting anymore! When a player alliance so large and so influential over such a large section of EVE decides to pretty much declare open war on everyone it shows the power that players can have in an MMORPG.

Also recently there has been a shake up in the northern territories of EVE with some other large alliances. Its possible that all of EVE will be at war soon enough and if that isn't enough to get you interested in playing... then I don't know what will!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I made the report

Raph Koster has his monthly report up for March and I've made the grade.

The question remains: is this an insult or a compliment?

"And the main event, the wild and wooly world of the Internet, which washes up weird and wonderful weblinks which winkled out wacky wordage from Google, which I wish started with a W.

game website nobody knows about. Given the traffic, not this one anymore. As I recall, Heartless was upset I was stealing his traffic. Try that one."

Either way, I'll take it!