Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Oh, is it 2013 already?

Long time, no blog post.  More on that some other time.

2012 is gone, the world is still here (as predicted by yours truly) and 2013 is rolling on through the neighborhood.  It's about damn time I take a look at my oh so bold predictions for the year that was.

First, head on back in the way-back machine and read "2012, the first post".

First prediction: The world will not end.
Verdict: You are reading this right?

Second prediction: I will post more than I did in 2011.
Verdict: Horribly inaccurate.  I posted only 36 times in 2012, less than once per week.  I posted 100 times in 2011, about twice a week.

Third prediction: "the game that shall not be named" will have a tough year, but will survive.  The argument to take the game Free 2 Play will begin around July.
Verdict: 100% accurate, down to the month.  It was July when Star Wars: The Old Republic announced its Free 2 Play future.

Fourth prediction: Warhammer Online will be shut down this year
Verdict: I had to Google whether this game was still even running, so to me that is as good as being shutdown.  However, it pulled at my heart strings to look back on WAR again as I still see the glimmer of promise that is still housed in the game.

Fifth prediction: DOTA2 will launch, but fail to make much more than a drip into the MOBA scene.
Verdict: Horribly inaccurate.  DOTA2 didn't "launch" technically, but Valve is pulling a GMail beta with DOTA2 currently.  Secondly, DOTA2 is immensely popular, easily reaching the most played game on Steam in it's beta form.  I'm still not sold on DOTA2 long term as I feel the game still shows too many hold overs from a game restricted by a game engine that wasn't built to support the game.

Sixth prediction: League of Legends will hit 50 million players and still be flying under the radar in the online gaming market
Verdict: Close call.  League of Legends hit 32 million players in 2012.  LoL is the biggest game on the planet between all consoles and PC games, but you would be hard pressed to know that visiting any gaming website or reading through any gaming magazines.

Seventh prediction: A major game will "surprise launch" this year with little to no notice and possibly be Free 2 Play
Verdict: All in the eye of the beholder.  Some would consider DOTA2 as having surprised launched in 2012 with its beta-thats-not-really-a-beta-because-they-are-cashing-in-on-it.

Eight prediction: Indie games will continue to creep into the spotlight and we will see another Minecraft-level indie break out this year
Verdict: Day Z

Ninth and final prediction: At least 4 of these predictions will be right
Verdict: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.