Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Day 1: New World Season 1

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My Day 1 Experience

 New World Season 1 hit the servers yesterday and with it a ton of changes.  So what did I do with my time on Day 1?

 The first thing I did was log in and drop $100 on marks of fortune.  Then I bought my six additional gear sets.  Following that I grabbed the Premium season pass with the +20 level boost (because time is my limiting factor these days; I'll just have to forgo avocado toast this month to make up the dollars).

 Then I just... did... nothing.  The original plan a lot of players had, which involved saving up a ton of stuff too turn in, was nipped when the production version of the Season XP Booster was found to only apply to passive experience and not all experience gained so those saved up activities were not going to be a "complete the pass in two hours".  Honestly this was a good change for the health of the season pass and the content surrounding it, but it did shoot my day 1 plans in the foot.

 I also watched BDLG's stream.

 I also started theory crafting my next build.  I wanted to go back towards heavy armor PvP tank or maybe a sword and shield/lifestaff build (aka the New World Paladin build).  With the changes to heavy armor it may be more feasible this time around.  Until then I am just rocking the sword and shield/greatsword build I've had for months.

 More to come as I move forward into more content later today.

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