Thursday, January 19, 2006

The SOE effect: The other side of the coin!

SOE Effect Part I
SOE Effect Part II

Those are both my articles on how I feel SOE is leading their games (Everquest1&2, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies) astray and that any SOE game should NEVER be played. SOE is a shifty and underhanded developer pushed a) by money grubbing business suits and b) by unrealistic development schedules and practices set forth by John Smedley.

However I have found someone who differs in opinion. Someone who can argue a lot better than I can, but Darniaq will not sway my opinion. SOE is dirt. Go over and read the article and browse around.... Darniaq has quite a few insightful posts.


  1. They're in it for the money and have unrealistic development schedules. Tell me who doesn't?

    It's not that I think SOE is a corporation of Clergy out for the common good. It's that I don't ascribe any sort of emotional value to it at all.

    PLAYERS choose to get emotionally invested in MMORPGs. But the companies behind them are in it for the money. Otherwise they wouldn't be companies.

    They, like Blizzard, like Mythic, like NC, like everyone else, are capitalists making virtual worlds, not enlightened despots driving evolution for the common man.

  2. Ahhh... but there is a difference between good business practices and bad.

    If you're in it for the all holy dollar I don't want to play your game. If you're in it to provide a game for players to play with a sound business practice behind it... then I'm all for it.

    SOE is full of cut throat pigs that want nothing more than a number on their slideshows to go up. If it doesn't they push the developers down a line that is bad for the game.

    Sure the game is getting better, but it shouldn't of been released in the first place. Its an indicator seen accross the entire market and personally I am sick of it and I am glad to vote via my wallet.

  3. Again, the emotion in your position is entirely one sided. Do you think any company is worried specifically about Heartless_ the gamer? Would they even know your avatars?

    It's easy to apply hate to SOE because they're out there talking to everyone and screwing up anyway. But don't think they're measured any different from any other developer just because you know more about their quite public mistakes than you do others.

    Or, well, you're free to think that of course :) I'm just saying it's only valid to compare what they do to other companies when you know more about what those other companies are doing too.

  4. My emotion is what drives my blog. I gave up a long time ago being nice. I don't like SOE. Its not an objective look at their games... that is much more your domain than mine.

    Its about conviction and satisfaction of my opinion. SOE rubbed a lot of players the wrong way very publicly. They rubbed me the wrong way.

    I'm not going to sit here and call out everyone on their staff and call them idiots... well until the prove it otherwise like Smedley. (Now wouldn't that be freaky if you were John Smedley or hell even an SOE employee).

    No company is worried about me and that is good :) I am worried about companies though and isn't the Internet great for sharing?

    I'm a whiner and I'm a hater. Those are two things I can't deny and will gladly back.

    It is two different world's writing objectively and ranting. Given the chance I will write objectively, but would that be a reason for me having a blog?

    No I come from a history of forum posting. I have places to let my objective writing out.

    Some people tell me just to stop hating so much. I tell them its a balance. For every cheery bright eyed review there needs to be 10 rants. For every objective Darniaq quality post there needs to be 100 rants.

    Would your articles hold as much weight or be prime /. material if there wasn't 100 rants like mine out there? I think not.

    I'm a blogger now... what can I say?


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