Thursday, November 16, 2006

My First Deck Build for The Spoils TCG : Token Control

Card total - 80
Characters - 24
Tactics - 30
Items - 10
Resources - 16

Obsession - 14
Deception - 2

Arcanist Items:
2x Knobby Stave
2x Napiform Protuberence
4x Very Big Hat of Invisibility
2x Lugubrious Finger Trap

Arcanist Tactics:
4x Voidal Replication
2x Forget
4x Remember
2x 12 Man Brunch of Doom
4x Quotidian Assassination

Arcanist Characters:
2x Sneaking Spitspider
4x Servile Centipede
4x Insidious Ecto-Manipulator
2x Quotidian Ejector

Rogue Tactics:
2x Rapine
2x Yoink!
2x Ambuscade
2x Forced Recruitment
4x Scrag
2x Warehouse Raid

Rogue Characters:
2x Sudden Osprey
2x Heist Planner
4x Red Raven
2x Card Counter
2x Hyperphagic Sarcophyle

How It Plays

The Deck is untested, but here is how I feel it will play. The beginning of the game is all about getting something out on the board. Early game the Rogue Characters play a bigger part because you start with two Deception in play. Heist Planner works well to clean out their deck and start their discard. Hyperphagic Sarcophyle is an even better play because every turn it can do damage without defenders it gains tokens which is important to this build. Qutidian Ejectors are also great in the early game if you are facing fast beat sticks.

The goal by the second turn is to have two Obsession played to meet the majority of your thresholds. With four resources in play the ideal situation to be in is to have a Hyperphagic Sarcophyle or Red Raven on the board. This way you can play an Insidious Ecto-Manipulator and start pumping tokens onto Hyperphagic Sarcophyle or Red Raven. Don't put all the tokens on one card if you can avoid it because a stacked card makes a prime target for destruction or bounce back to your hand.

By mid-game hopefully Knobby Stave will have made an appearance and you will be sitting with a Very Big Hat of Invisibility in your hand. Also you should have a character in play with a few tokens that you can attach the Very Big Hat of Invisibility to. Attack as a covert party and if your opponent manages to throw down a covert defense just pop out Qutidian Assassination to clear path.

Both the Stave and Hat play a big role with Rapine. Once the Stave is depleted simply leave it around to satisfy Rapine's destroy cost.

The rest of the deck is just a varied selection of cards that will help build tokens, allow you to bounce cards, or play a key role against certain situations. Card Counter has a coin flip which puts a token on Red Raven. Yoink! can be used to retrieve stolen or destroyed items.

This deck has a focus, but isn't too overly focused. I think it will fair well against a wide variety of decks. It has a finishing strategy with token built characters and covert items. It has a full line of recycling tactics and support creatures. The biggest concern is being low on resources each turn which is something I may need to work on as I play with it. Now just to get all the cards and get some games under my belt to test it!


This isn't a final build yet. I am still considering swapping 12 Man Brunch of Doom for Qutidian Misfire and including a couple Voidal Perversion for more tokens. I just haven't decided what to drop in place of them. Also Voidal Poisoning may be a key card to this deck if I find that my token characters get dumped a lot. If your token creature is about to be bounced or destroyed simply play Voidal Poisoning to dump the tokens for some great effects. Though I think Ambuscade can be more efficient than Voidal Poisoning and is why I have Ambuscade in the deck.


  1. Ok I missed this -- got a URL to the game? thx

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    See you Sunday brother with my greed deck.

  3. Adamm -

    And Mr. Anonymous I won't be playing this deck... because I don't have the cards for it :P Harhar! I will be playing another deck that will be a mix of the cards I do have.

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Yeah but apparantly you've put a lot of thought into the game lately so I handicap you as the front-runner.

    - D

  5. Well I have been intrigued by it ever since I played. I know I made some damn lame mistakes that cost me a win and I am out for revenge :P

    However, I have never been any good at constructed. I have a good idea and never get the cards I need... so I try to fumble around with what I have and fail horribly :P

    Also I am putting together a deck that suits my playstyle. Tricky and unfocused :P I have so many possibilities within this build that I really think I can mix it up every game. One game I play this way... next I utilize the same cards in a different capacity.

    I actually have some more card swaps in mind, but I need to double check the 1st edition cards to ensure wording is the same. The main Spoils forums are a bit slow for feedback :/

    Now if I can determine who Mr. Anonymous is. D gives me two possibilities... the question is... did you try killing me with an invisible spider?

  6. Also I should add since my shots at being competitive in the WoW TCG are about ZERO at the moment I find it a bit easier to get into The Spoils.

    Not to mention I fully believe The Spoils is a better game. Everyone says the WoW TCG is simple to learn... well it is... but deck building is just confusing me atm. In The Spoils TCG I've pretty much picked up all the basics from a single day of play. I can be competitive in The Spoils with inferior cards and better tactics.... err at least I believe I can be :P

  7. Ahhh Mr Greed it is then -_o

    Well hope to see you tommorow at 1 PM then.

  8. Had car trouble catch ya next time, how did it go?

  9. I was the only one to show so I threw together a deck and showed the store owner how to play. He had fun so I think he will be building a deck.

    More people would of been there, but someone's Grandma was in the hospital. Another was at a fair of some sort. The judge didn't show either, but we don't know where he was.

    Hopefully more will play because I love the game and it would suck to be alone :P


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