Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brad "Spin" McQuaid

As mentioned, Brad McQuaid has posted an in-depth update regarding the state of Sigil and Vanguard. I don't recommend suffering through the exhaustively long read; unless you actually plan to play Vanguard in the future, which I don't believe anyone actually plans to do.

Brad spends several long paragraphs explaining what everyone already knew. Sigil missed the boat; by a long shot. Their graphics engine was far too intensive. Their marketing was nothing more than Brad's vision and a constant argument that Vanguard was not another Everquest. Unfortunately, Vanguard's core community was full of Everquest purists and its gameplay was nothing more than Everquest whack-a-mole.

Brad is in complete spin mode now. He is obviously taking lessons from SOE! As of late, some people have been applauding Brad for his honesty. I wonder what these people think now? Brad can't simply say; "We've failed and there is no way out financially other than dumping Vanguard." He has to sit around and blame development issues and the 600 lb gorilla in the room. Brad's honesty was nothing more than regurgitated drivel of facts we already knew. Facts that most developers figured out years ago.

If Brad was truly an honest developer, and not another spin doctor, the following would have been answered:
Does this mean an acquisition? I can't say at this point.

Does this mean more or less people at Sigil? I can't say at this point.

Does this mean management changes at Sigil? I can't say at this point.
So, I ask all you fuzzy lumpkins, who actually believed Brad's "honesty", to spin this one for him. Why can't he just come out and tell us what the future holds for Sigil and Vanguard? If Brad can be so candid about Vanguard's failings; then why can't he simply let everyone know what the future holds?

The truth will hurt those that believe honesty actually exists in the world of business.


  1. He admits in the post that he cant tell us everything because the deal between SOE and Sigil is still being made. That's understandable so I dont think we'll hear much about that until we see a press release.

    For future game developments and what not...I'm not sure why he is dragging his heals. I dont think he gets it, in all honesty. I dont think he realizes how bad he messed up and how he did it. I dont think he realizes that he cant manage a company.

  2. Yeah I hate to say it, but Vanguard did not improve itself like I thought it would over time. Guess I might have to play LOTR until something new comes out.

  3. ...and if he didnt post something soon after the rumors came out people would be bashing Sigil for remaining quiet. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. I thinks its better that he came forward and told us what he could.

    ..and good lord people, its only been a couple months! Its not likes its Dark and Light here.

  4. Yes he posted /clap

    But his post has no content at all. It's just the same old shit he's been saying in his once a month posts. There is nothing new in it at all and all it does is creates more questions...not answers.

    We need answers.

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Bah, even if Brad gave candid answers, all they would lead to are more flame posts on blogs like this one.

    Hypothetical situation: Brad appologizes and says yes, we screwed up, I'm sorry, but the next patch will fix 98% of the bugs/balance issues we experienced at launch. We hope you all will give Vanguard another shot. Public reaction: ROFL Brad we knew it! Oh your game is playable now? Too bad buddy, we are elitest pricks and have no desire to give you another chance now that our savior (LOTRO) is here. PS. HAHA again!


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