Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Card Game?

John Smedley's big announcement: a virtual collectible card game for Everquest players.
It’s called Legends of Norrath. It’s an MMO Card/Strategy game built directly into both EverQuest and EverQuest 2. It will allow EQ and EQ 2 players to challenge each other, or allow people to play from outside of either game and challenge people who are playing inside. The game itself is literally a part of both clients, and it’s incredibly fun to play. The first set (called Oathbound) has 375 cards. In addition, we have loot cards for each game that have some awesome in-game items, some of which are extremely rare (new mounts for example).
That's it. Nothing more. Just a little side project tacked onto SOE's main franchise.


  1. Other companies would consider this 'side project' their full product. It is actually pretty cool Mr. Snarkiness! ;P

  2. Meh. I should of guessed it was coming with your recent return to MtG.

    I was more snarky towards the announcement, which was sort of a flat punch line to the build up Smed drug us through.


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