Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heartbreak, Bad Weekend

Well, the Green Bay Packers managed to throw out a stinker tonight and forfeit their chance to go to the Super Bowl this year. I'm proud of what the Packers accomplished this year, but I am absolutely dismayed by the performance they put on against the Giants. I am still not sure what team and coaching staff showed up, but it was not the same one that had been in Green Bay all season.

I give credit to the New York Giants for the win and playing a good game, but I can't stand the "destiny" tag that the Giants fans have thrown on their team. Let's face it, they beat a fairly flat Tampa Bay team, were in the right place at the right time to catch Dallas with their pants down, and then really just got the luck of the draw and catch the Packers playing their second-worst football of the year.

Congrats to any team that wins a Championship game, but as a football fan, it pains me to see underdogs limp into a win over a team that for whatever reason falls apart for a few hours. However, that is why the NFL is so great, any team can win on any Sunday and being a football fan, GO GIANTS AND BEAT THOSE PATRIOTS!

On top of a heartbreaking Brett Favre interception to end my weekend, our heating unit died. We had snow the other day and last night either the heat pump seized or there is a freon leak that turned our unit into an ice cube.

Adding insult to injury, our dog has absolutely gone off the deep end, coming within an inch of biting a random joggers hand. We've worked extremely hard and long with our dog, but she has gotten worse by the week and it is starting to worry us that there is something we're missing that has turned a friendly puppy into an aggressive 11-month old dog. Sadly, as a Doberman, our dog does not get a second chance and one bite could be the end.

I'm not sure what else could go wrong in the next thirty minutes to make this weekend any worse, but at least I have tomorrow off from school and work. Too bad I have an online test to take, two massive assignments to get done, a heater to get fixed, and I still have to get around to getting into see the eye doctor and figure out why I am going blind.

Life's a bitch, but I'm not one to gone down quietly.


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Yeah, looks like another boring Super Bowl. Not interested.

  2. I see the SB going one of two ways. Either the Gianst get lucky again and New England finally has a bad game or the Giants get absolutely blown out having their luck run out. If NE has a bad game, the Giants could easily sneak another win in.

  3. I am hoping NE has a bad day and the Giants get lucky. I have never like NE. They are good I will admit that but their big sin is they know they are good. I hate teams with huge egos and NE has one.

    As far as the Dobie goes is there any pattern to his wanting to bite people? Has there been anyone scare her? Dobies are very protective of their owners. She could just be feeling that you are being threatened.

  4. We are working with one of the best trainers in the south east. It is looking like it is dominance aggression combined with insecurity. It's disconcerting because we've done everything a new dog owner should to socialize and train a puppy. All of it has just gone out the window and while our dog does great in obedience training, the aggression issue forces us to keep her locked up. We actually got kicked out of PetSmart, a place the dog has been many times, because of her recent behavior.

  5. Oh and about NE. I think part of it is a big ego, but more so I think it is an attitude that they got away easy on the spygate thing. It was absolutely unacceptable and should of resulted in a game ban for Belicheck (sp?).

    I don't think the video taping necessarily made the team unbeatable or won many games for them, but it was a major infraction of the rules and game suspension was the only way, IMHO, to really hit the note home.

    Ironically, NE played most of the year the way I like to see football played. They played a very "We'll show you what we're going to do on offense, now stop it." That is why the few trick plays they did run are on the highlight reels.

    I think there is a huge confidence boost to a team that doesn't have to spend a lot of effort disguising things. Within the first quarter of every game, NE laid out their entire gameplan and no defense really stopped them. The final drive of the AFC Championship is a perfect example. NE said "we're going to run it over and over" and San Diego could not stop them.

    That is good football, as much as I hate to admit that NE is probably the best team the NFL has ever seen.

    But there are some things NE has going for it. Sure they did play a tougher schedule than the '72 dolphins, but NE is also in a division with some of the NFLs worse teams. That is 6 wins that NE could of phoned in.

    Also, NE has sort of a NY Yankee approach to personnel and have gone out and gotten top quality talent for every position. There is a salary cap of course, so it is not as bad as the Yankees, but a lot of players are on NE roster because they want a championship. That really skews the salary cap idea. Any other team would be paying out the ass to keep Brady, Moss, Welker, Maroney, etc. on the same roster.

    It will be interesting to see if NE can keep the team together.

    The records that Moss/Brady set this year also sort of piss me off. They set them by running up scores and having moss just run by obviously out-matched defenses. Plus the trick plays early in the season. IMHO, records should not be set this way. Peyton hit the most TD mark in a season where he needed to do it to win games. NE set the records just running up the scores against outmatched opponents.

    I hate watching Sports Center and the NFL guys saying it wasn't running up the score and that the opponent are getting paid to play. Fuck that, if you are up big in a game, the need to play like it and run the clock down. They ran the clock out in all of their close games, no reason they can't do it in blowouts.

  6. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Good luck with your dog.

    I wrote some stuff but deleted it I am not an expert. I've read sometimes that having her meet people you trust can help. Give treats when she doesn't growl timeout if she does etc.

    I've been pretty lucky with Pluto. He's gotten a little aggressive lately but not a real problem like yours, I think it's because I don't socialize him as much as I used to I need to hang out more with other people and dogs.

  7. Dobies are known to be insecure. And yeah, if you are not the leader or not projecting that then your dog gets confused about who is pack leader. All something your trainer and you should be able to get thru.


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