Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What to do, what to do

So, I'm not playing World of Warcraft at the moment. Most of the people I know are playing Age of Conan or Vanguard. Both games I could care less for. Most of them are about bored of AoC already, so I am sure they will be back in Vanguard soon enough. Actually, I doubt they ever left.

Once again, I sit wondering what to do with the few hours a week I get to play games. Here are my options:

Mythos Beta - The developers are launching a new "over world" patch soon that will bring Mythos in line with a more standard MMO where players share a world instead of being separated into a bunch of instances. Oh, and its free of charge.

Team Fortress 2 and other FPS games - I still love to play TF2, but I don't think it is my solution. I need something else to play along with my action games.

Dark Ages of Camelot - I could go back, fight the old control scheme, and choke down some nostalgia. Maybe even get an account to borrow to cut out the leveling process. I am just worried about not having expansions available and getting bored before getting back into some RvR.

And thats about where my brain stops.



  1. I was in the same boat a few months ago. I was pretty bored and done for good with WoW.

    I decided to give a try Lord of the Rings Online. However after only a few hours of playing, things just didn't "feel" right to me. I was never too much into the Lord of the Rings story, and I had read that much of the game is just a big 'grind' so I stopped.

    I gave Dungeon Runners a try. Played that for about two or three days. Realized that there is virtually no point at all to that game since PvP is not really for me and as much as I love a single player game of 'wrestle the random number generator' without a good storyline component (like Diablo 1 and 2 had) I really don't see a point.

    I ended up deciding to re-visit Eve online.
    This was my THIRD attempt at this game, I had tried it twice over the past several years but it never clicked and didn't put much more than a few hours in at most.
    This time however went much better. The graphics are much improved and the tutorials and help is great now. I've been playing that now for about a month and a half and having a good time.
    I haven't joined a corporation (where I here the game REALLY becomes fun) yet, but I intend to as soon as I've skilled up a bit more.

    If you haven't given Eve a fair try recently, I'd say give it a shot.
    Knowing that there is just '1' server and everything you do matters and has an impact on everyone else is just awesome :)

  2. Heh, I loved EVE for a short time, but I have a completely opposite view of the game than the developers. They think of EVE as some borderless virtual world, which I just don't agree with and it completely fucks the average gamer over when people do stupid shit in game. Also the UI just annoys the piss out of me and it is pure laziness on CCP's part for not fixing or opening it up to modders.

    I gave it a fair shake a while ago, got involved in a big war with BoB, and then watched our corps CEO loot us dry and leave the game. Was part of ArsC, part of Huzzah alliance. Corp was built out of the Arstechnica website users. Last corp I would of thought to be looted by its own angry CEO.

    Would like to force myself back into the game, but can't. I like the ideas behind EVE and definitely interested to see what they do with the World of Darkness IP. Maybe they will shape up a bit by then.

    I'm really looking at cutting anything to do with leveling out at the moment. Mythos is only up there because its free and they are doing some interesting things with it that I did not expect (like Overworld).

  3. I'm in the same boat. I started playing some non MMO type games. Sins of Solar Empire and Galactic Civ 2. Kind of bored of them now though. I'm hanging for WAR.

    If you haven't already I recommend giving Guild Wars a shot.

  4. Mass Effect was recently released on the PC if you didn't get to see it console side, I've been contemplating spending time there myself. Rumor has it that the game's pretty darn solid.

  5. askander not sure if I can suffer the DRM that is packaged with Mass Effect. Though, I have played nearly every Bioware RPG released to date.

  6. I think SOE just announced some kind of program that allows ex players to return to Everquest 1 or Everquest 2 this summer for free. I'm not sure of the details but I think SOE thinks they can get people back into the games during the summer months and they'll continue their subscriptions. If you ever played either one then you might find some entertainment in checking them back out for free.

  7. Sorry, I try to avoid giving SOE any sort of support. I know, I'm being difficult.

    Also, I have Guild Wars, but with only the base game and no expansions, it sort of is a waste of time. I'm trying to avoid spending money. Guild Wars can be played with the original game, but it sort of sucks since your skill list is very limited.

  8. Hey, I hate SecuROM as much as the next guy. At least they toned it back from just this side of ridiculous. Now it only checks upon installation (3 installs before you have to call like some sort of wayward irresponsible burden on gaming society).

    Point is, it's not as horrible as originally promised.


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