Friday, December 12, 2008

Anyone Honestly Surprised?

Imagine that, big-time exploiters ousted in EVE Online.
CCP Games has uncovered an exploit in Eve Online that survived in the game for 4 years and may have had a massive impact on the game and game economy. The exploit allowed player owned stations (POS) to generate massive amounts of resources without much work (basically, the game would automatically fill the station's storage silos overnight).
It just goes to show that no amount of economists or player councils can stop the scum of the MMO universe. I was kind of amazed that EVE escaped the massive player-banking scam not too long ago and I suspect the same will happen here. EVE players are just too blinded to realize CCP is the MMO equivalent of the Illinois government.


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I wonder what the market value of all the isk gained from that abuse is?

    the banking scams are just fascinating though... as they don't exploit anything except people being naive.

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I especially like the POS acronym! :P

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    It is a bit more than that, flash back about 6 months ago around the time i quit eve. At the time they where dealing with a huge scam, someone running the "books" of a large corp was skimming off the top of isk(gold) farmers. Well this person and everyone that tainted money touched was banned, not the farmers, or people selling it...Now to the present you have some of the largest groups in eve with known ties to the development staff popping up with red flag that they have been exploiting....There is a sever hole in what type of management is allowed within this game. The fact that you have people who are being given access to privy information in a game about economics and territory is bad, but not finding that a lot of them have ties to this blatant scam....I know in the post at slashdot they gave a reference of around 3.5 billion isk...70000$ is what that is worth in cash...

  4. Well the funniest part is putting a money value on what it cost CCP. Essentially, their own players (and who knows how many) exploited their own game in return for free play time.


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