Friday, January 15, 2010

My Allods Online Status

After a very busy beta 2, I have taken some time off from Allods Online during beta 3.  After beta 2 my mind was set: I am going to play Allods Online at launch.  Therefore I am taking a break during beta 3 to enjoy some of my other games and prepare for the launch.  I've logged in only a couple of times.  Also, I did not have any characters even close to the new level 20+ content that beta 3 was testing.

However, Keen over at Keen and Graev's has been rolling through beta 3 and has posted an amazing level 30 PvP video.
My character is very versatile and I enjoy the role that I play in PvP.
I've embedded the video below:

Other PvP MMO developers should take note:

1. Smooth as butter combat
2. Excellent performance
3. Visible spell effects
4. No over-zealous crowd control
5. Players lasted more than two seconds in combat

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