Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Counting the lies: Star Wars: The Old Republic "Hope" Trailer

The newest video trailer has been released for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Watch it below.

Having watched it, let me point out the ways in which it lies to us.
  1. Force users (Jedi and Sith) will NOT be as dominate over non-Force users as they are in the video.
  2. There will NOT be deformable or destructible terrain in the game.
  3. Armor will NOT be destroyed during combat (no item durability).
  4. Combat will NOT be like the circus act that we see in the video.
  5. Combat will NOT feature Matrix-like slow motion.
  6. In fact, from what we've seen gameplay-wise, combat will be NOTHING like the trailers.
  7. Bounty Hunters will NOT be able to "fly" using their jetpacks as featured in the video.
  8. Lightsabers will NOT be blockable.
  9. Players will NOT be little clones of each other, running around all wearing the same armor. There WILL BE a naked Sith or Jedi somewhere asking someone to touch their lightsaber.

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