Tuesday, October 05, 2010

#Minecraft Boo

  • Explore a scary new realm! A brand new hell world for fast travel. Portal in, move ten meters, portal out, and you're hundreds of meters away.
  • Fight scary new monsters! Actually difficult this time around.
  • Experience scarier depths! The deeper you are, the brighter it has to be to stay safe.
  • Be scared of the dark! Torches will die after a while. Use flint and steel to reignite, or place lanterns that last forever.
  • Catch scary fish! Or possibly just regular fish.
  • Scare other players online! Less bugs, more implemented features.
  • Carve scary jack-o-lanterns! Pumpkins can also be worn as totally useless helmets.
  • Keep track of the scary time! A craftable watch lets you know when it's safe to emerge from the caves.
  • AND MORE! Biomes. More music. Better sounds.
  • Coming october 31, 2010 http://www.minecraft.net/boo/

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