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Guild Wars 2: Trait Guide by Level and Zone

With the recent changes to Guild Wars 2 the process to acquire traits changed from a model of buying skill books at certain levels to gathering the traits from the world via various means.  The traits are available still from a vendor but they cost gold and skill points; both of which are sparse for the average player in Guild Wars 2.  Fortunately a reddit poster has put together an excellent guide for the traits broken down by zone and level.

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Diessa Plateau (15-25)
1.IV Defeat Rhendak the Crazed (Font of Rhand mini dungeon, small group level 25)
Kessex Hills (15-25)
2.I Find the splendid chest in Earth’s Gap
Gendarran Fields (25-35)
4.III Find the grand chest in Provernic Crypt (Provernic Crypt mini dungeon, small group level 33)
1.III 100% completion
Lornar’s Pass (25-40)
2.VIII Find the grand chest in the Windy Cave (Windy Cave mini dungeon, small group level 30)
2.IV 100% completion
Fields of Ruin (30-40)
5.II Kill the Foulbear chieftain and her elite guards (group event)
3.V 100% completion
Harathi Hinterlands (35-45)
1.VI Defeat Kol Skullsmasher (group event)
2.III Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions (world boss)
4.IV 100% completion
Blazeridge Steppes (40-50)
1.V 100% completion
Dredgehaunt Cliffs (40-50)
3.I Defeat Fleshgrazer (Forsaken Fortune mini dungeon, small group level 42)
4.IX Defeat the dredge commissar (group event)
5.IV 100% completion
Bloodtide Coast (45-55)
5.IX Defeat Admiral Taidha Covington (world boss)
2.V 100% completion
Timberline Falls (50-60)
4.V 100% completion
Iron Marches (50-60)
2.IX Defeat the fire shaman and his minions (group event)
3.IV Defeat Victurus the Shattered and his army (group event)
5.X Defeat the Branded Devourer Queen (group event)
3.VI 100% completion
Sparkfly Fen (55-65)
4.VII Find the chest in Verarium Delves
5.V 100% completion
Fireheart Rise (60-70)
1.IX Find the splendid chest in Rebel’s Seclusion
5.VII Defeat Vexan and her golem in Vexa’s Lab (Vexa’s Lab mini dungeon, small group level 64)
3.IX Defeat Vidius Flame Tribune (group event)
2.VI 100% completion
Mount Maelstrom (60-70)
1.X Defeat the Terror-Seven Krewe Leader (group event)
5.VIII Defeat the Infinity Coil Commander and capture the Infinity Coil (group event)
4.VI 100% completion
Frostgorge Sound (70-80)
4.VIII Find the grand chest in Arundon Vale
5.VI 100% completion
Straits of Devastation (70-75)
2.XII Find the grand chest near Scholar Fryxx
4.XIII Find the grand chest in the Ship of Sorrows
1.XII Defeat the Risen High Priest of Balthazar (temple event)
Malchor’s Leap (75-80)
4.XII Defeat the Statue of Dwayna (temple event)
5.XIII Defeat the corrupted high priestess of Lyssa (temple event)
Southsun Cove (80)
3.XIII Defeat the Karka Queen (world boss)
Cursed Shores (80)
1.XI Discover Death’s Anthem
3.XI Find the locked door at the end of the forgotten stream
1.XIII Defeat the Risen High Wizard and secure the Promenade of the Gods (group event)
2.XIII Defeat the Risen Priest of Grenth (temple event)
3.XII Defeat the Risen Priest of Melandru (temple event)
Personal Story
3.II Level 50 “The Battle for Clorr Island”
1.I Level 55 “A Light in the Darkness”
5.III Level 59 “Retribution”
2.X Level 62 “Forging the Pact”
3.X Level 70 “The Battle of Fort Trinity”
4.X Level 80 “The Source of Orr”
5.I Complete Caudecus’s Manor in story mode (40)
1.II Complete Twilight Arbor in story mode (50)
3.VIII Complete Sorrow’s in Embrace story mode (60)
1.VIII Complete Citadal of Flame in story mode (70)
4.XI Complete Honor of the Waves in story mode (76)
2.XI Complete the Crucible of Eternity in story mode (78)
5.XII Complete the Ruined City of Arah in story mode (80)
World vs. World Edge of the Mists
1.II Capture Inferno’s Needle
3.III Capture Stonegaze Spire
4.II Capture Tytone Perch
World vs. World Obsidian Sanctum
4.I Complete the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle
World vs. World Eternal Battlegrounds
1.VII Befriend the ogre camp
2.VII Befriend the hylek camp
3.VII Befriend the dredge camp
5.XI Defeat the Overgrown Grub

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