Thursday, November 09, 2023

New World Economy

 New World's dev team recently released an edition of Forged in Aeternum talking about the game's economy.  Anyone that knows me knows that online game economies are my jam!

 I missed commenting on this video when it was fresh but something in the patch notes yesterday brought it forward in my mind.

Temporarily adjusted the drop amounts for Mythril Ore veins until we can place more in the world.

 This is... odd.  Even odder when you consider the economy video where they talk about how they closely watch and monitor raw materials to see what may be too abundant and what may be too scarce.  They talk in the video about changing crafting recipes to consume more materials or giving new uses to things like Wooden Coins.

 Anyone looking at the current state of Mythril Ore knows Mythril Ore is not the problem.  The problem is Orichalcum Ore which is the bottleneck.  My own storage tells that tale.  I have thousands of Mythril Ore and I've never once gone out to farm it so this is just from passing by a node and getting it.  I can't refine that ore because I can't get Orichalcum Ore and I'm not paying the market price for it.

 To illustrate those prices further (thanks to New World Market Prices)

  • Starmetal ore 0.22
  • Starmetal ingot 3.82
  • Orichalcum Ore 0.81
  • Orichalcum Ingot 10.79
  • Mythril Ore 0.20
  • Mythril Ingot 22.99

 As you can see Orichalcum Ore sticks out like a sore thumb.  Higher cost of "ori" shows its a clear bottleneck.  As ori ingots are required to make mythril ingots and thus a lower supply of ori means more expensive mythril ingot costs so less refining and thus mythril ore is becoming worth less and less.  

 And... the answer is to make more mythril ore available?  What the heck.  This single example trumps the content of the video.  The ores are the center piece of New World's economy just as "metals" are the center piece of most fantasy RPG crafting systems.  It really bugs me that they are increasing mythril, which is not hard to get currently, while ori still remains way too rare.  Ori should increase first before messing with mythril.

 Ah!!!! But that is economics sometimes and if books like Freakonomics has taught me anything it is that sometimes its not always obvious why something has/does not have an effect. So maybe, just maybe, increasing mythril will do something we are not expecting.

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