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Thursday, May 09, 2024

Water World Online!?

Age of Water logo

 If you're anything like me, you have an inexplicable love for the 1995 cult classic Waterworld. There's just something about that post-apocalyptic, ocean-bound setting that captures the imagination. Well, get ready, because a new game called Age of Water is bringing that dream to life in the form of an open-world survival crafter! Big shoutout to the folks at MMO Bomb for putting this gem on my radar.

 First; a video teaser and then more about the game down below the video.

A Drowned World Ripe for Exploration

In Age of Water, our planet has been almost entirely submerged by rising sea levels, leaving only the tallest mountain peaks as scattered islands. You'll step into the shoes (or should I say deck boots?) of a survivor, sailing the endless open waters on your very own customizable ship. I'm talking full-on ship customization - outfit that bad boy with cannons, reinforced hulls, fancy sails, you name it.

The best part? The entire game world is one seamless ocean experience with no loading screens as you sail from area to area. Just uninterrupted, glorious naval exploration and combat. Speaking of combat...

All-Out High Seas Warfare

Get ready to channel your inner pirate captain and engage in intense naval battles against other players or hostile AI forces. Proper ship positioning, crew management, and a keen aim with those cannons will be crucial. I can't wait to join or create my own pirate crew, upgrade our armaments to the nines, and become the undisputed rulers of the high seas!

A True Survival Experience

But it's not just about the combat. Age of Water promises a gritty post-apocalyptic survival experience. Resources will be scarce, so scavenging, crafting, and trading will be essential. I'm looking forward to scouring the remnants of the old world, establishing trade routes with fellow players, and maybe even building up settlements on those scattered island refuges.

Managing my crew's food, water, and morale while braving the harsh elements? Sign me up! The struggle for survival in this drowned world has me hooked already.

What's Next on the Horizon?

Now, Age of Water is currently in early access, but the developers have an ambitious roadmap planned with regular content updates and new features on the way. As it stands, you can already experience the core sailing, combat, and survival gameplay, but there are bound to be new mechanics, storylines, and maybe even clues about what caused this global flooding event.

Who knows, we might even get a chance to start reclaiming the land from the relentless waters eventually! The possibilities have me giddy with excitement.

All Aboard for High Seas Adventures

If you've been craving a truly immersive, open-world naval experience with survival elements and the thrill of ship-to-ship combat, Age of Water should definitely be on your radar. I know I'll be setting sail and carving my own legend into the depths. Who's with me? Let's ride the tide and uncover the secrets of this drowned civilization!