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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Haven't posted in a few...

Still playing EVE Online and getting my ass kicked in PvP (but so far I've learned A LOT!). Still playing Guild Wars. Played a match of Call of Duty 2 CTF with a few friends from [MW]HQ. Also playing Battlefield 2 a bit and plan on doing another BF2 video.

I've also joined the staff at Grimwell Online(now defunct) to write articles. Grimwell has given me a chance I don't plan to disappoint him. So look for some good articles over there with a bit more thought and effort put into them.

Other than that it's all roses and ice cream around here. Will post a larger update about myself soon hopefully. Some big changes in my life :)

Update: 15 Nov, 2009 - Edited spelling, applied labels, and removed broken link.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

After T-day update!

I am back home from Texas and all my T-day happenings and here is the update of what happened while I was gone. Lets begin:

What sort of gaming did I get done in Texas? Not much that is for sure. The CZee, AT&T gaming/net cafe, was poorly managed and I will write up; Mouthing Off 5 - Piss poor net cafes

Whats in my gaming future?

1. Battlefield 2 : Special Forces - Initial impressions are good, but I'll have to dig into the expansion, so expect a better impressions post on this $30 expansion to an already good game.

2. Call of Duty 2 - I was getting good before I left for Texas and I hope to return to prominence. Sadly, I can't dedicate the time I wish I could. I also plan to knock out some more of the single-player campaign.

3. Counter Strike : Source - Renewed interest to get some CSS in, but not too much.

4. The Hidden - A half life 2 MOD that my boys at are playing, so we shall play and we shall gank some newbs.

5. Day of Defeat : Source - Not only Call of Duty 2, but DoD : Source! I paid for it so mine as well get at least 50 hours of gaming out of it.

Update: 12 May, 2009 - Edited post, removed broken links, and applied labels.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Call of Duty 2 Is Here

All is well in the house that Heartless built! Call of Duty 2 is officially installed and I have begun my quest to kill kill kill!

I can't run the game on very high settings, but I am getting by on what I have. I am not sure what affect it is having on gameplay, but I do notice that things seem a bit off when playing multiplayer matches. Unfortunately, I am not sure if its graphical, me, or lag.

Update: 14 Oct, 2007 - Edited post and corrected labels.