Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yes, I am playing League of Legends

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If you've been following my Raptr stream, you may have noticed that I've started playing League of Legends (LoL).  LoL is a strategy game based on the concepts of the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) map from Warcraft III.  Players pick a champion and battle an opposing team and their defense towers, NPC minions, and an NPC filled "jungle".

However, one sentence is not going to describe this game adequately.  It took a 48 minute long video for me to finally grasp the possibilities that lie within this game.  And there is nothing like a crazy British person to introduce you to a game with the acronym LoL:

With the video out of the way, here is my pertinent info:

Ingame name: heartlessgamer

Now, I've only played practice matches up to this point against AI bots. The community from all reports is unforgiving of newb players. The game is designed so that a bad player really hurts a team. A player that repeatedly dies without accomplishing anything is in reality "feeding" the other team and allowing them to increase their power and control of the game.

I suspect that I will be coming out of practice mode soon, because there are some things I won't learn until I am playing the real game. Also, I need to climb the leveling ladder to 30 which will never happen just running practice games. Leveling is a player's learning period, so I need to take it serious instead of just rushing to 30 because a level 30 newb has no excuses as to why they don't understand the game.

Oh and did I mention that the game is completely free to play?  No?  Well it is and most of the extra parts of the game can be unlocked for free as well by just playing.  The items that can be purchased in the cash shop are cosmetic or allow for players to skip past a bit of grinding in game points to unlock the various champions.

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