Sunday, November 28, 2010

Part I: What I've been working on in #Minecraft

I am still helplessly addicted to Minecraft. I've given up on survival singleplayer now that survival multiplayer is alive and kicking with damage. I play on a small server with a few friends (but its down currently :( ) The game is definitely still alpha in many regards, but the quality of the core components makes it very playable.

Here is a few screenshots showing the evolution of my little spot on our server.  This covers my basic building.  I have a lot of progress past this which will come in another post.

This one is before I realized how to use F1 and F2 to take clean screenshots.

Putting the interior balconies up and finishing the ground floor walls.

Framing out the second floor and testing different roofing styles.

Dirt scaffolding to put on the roof.

Roof is finished.

Roof is complete and scaffolding is removed.

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