Friday, July 15, 2005

Top 10 ways to die in Battlefield 2...

After a long day and night of BF2 with my boys over at [MW]HQ it is only fitting for a Top 10 list!

X's indicate death's I have experienced personally.

X 10. Lag death.

X 9. Getting knifed while reloading.

8. Sniped out of an aircraft's cockpit.

X 7. Jeep off of a cliff to avoid a tank.

X 6. Artillery yourself as the commander.

X 5. Leaving a vehicle only to have it run you over.

X 4. Hitting 9 one too many times and closing your parachute mid-jump.

X 3. Mid-air collision.

X 2. Being crushed by a supply crate after asking for an ammo drop.

X 1. Teamkilled... which could have a top 10 list of its own.

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