Sunday, July 24, 2005

The problem with engineering...

Can't log into WoW at the moment... won't bring up my realm of Azgalor. So I did some we surfing. Found this little tidbit about engineering in an online gaming journal.

It is a good read... here are the highlights.

"Basically Engineering cannot be the only Profession that offers "personal power/ability growth". If Engineers gain such growth through Sapper Charges, Mind Control Caps, and Fire Reflectors -- than other Professions must offer similar "personal power/ability growth" that is also restricted and unique to each of those Professions."

-Very true. Engineers get so many gadgets that only they can use... making it in reality the "must have" profession for the serious PvP gamer. It is sad and was pointed out in beta... over and over... and even after the nerfs to beta engineering it is still completely unbalanced against other professions.

"Nerfing is not the answer. It would not solve the problem either, because eventually Engineering items would grow in power for a 3rd time, and we'd bere here for the 3rd time. The solution is to bring other Professions up to par with what Engineering offers to Engineers personally in combat."

-So true... when will MMO developers start trying to fix things instead of just dumbing them down or nerfing them? Sometimes a nerf is a fix... but more often than not its just the easy way out instead of putting actual thought into it.

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