Monday, November 07, 2005

Star Wars Galaxies NGE video

OK back to gaming for a bit. There is this video floating around showing off some of the new combat in Star Wars Galaxies New Gamer Experience. What I gained from the video.

1. Collision detection does not exist for projectiles.
2. You can not dodge incoming fire as it tracks directly to you after being fired.
3. Click... click... click... my wrist is hurting already.
4. "Hide behind the boxes kid"... ROFL... and get shot over and over. The illusion of using your surroundings is almost there.


People jumped way off the deep end when they got their hands on this thing at AGC and heard the rumors. Hype is a bad thing that is starting to kill this announcement. I still feel its what the game needs, but they need to refine it more.

I could possibly have all these systems wrong with no hands on experience, but I like to stir the pot.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    That vid is a joke.

    SWG, like most MMO's, is based on dice-type number rolls to hit/block/dodge etc. Wether a shot will hit or not *is already decided the instant the shot is fired*. If the shot has to bend 90 degrees degrees, so be it. The server already knows you've been 'hit'.

    Running around doesnt help your chances of survival - it LESSENS them! It's not a shoot 'em up. If you REALLY want to win in SWG, you hit the dirt by going prone and use a skill for aiming or overpowering weapon.

    True that boxes and terrain do not affect ranged weapons - although if your lucky you might be able to avoid detection. Walls dont stop shots fired either - although if you get behind one they cant shoot at you.

    It's an MMO, not a FPS/3rdPS.

    Not a great game but at least don't diss it until you bother play it and understand how to play it. Heh.

    Got it?

    -Ex-SWG player

  2. I understand how MMO's work, but there seems to be a huge exageration of the changes from the initial reports.

    I need more solid info before I can go any further. I will probably test it after it goes live and the hype is died down.


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