Monday, November 28, 2005

How To : The key to the World of Warcraft Auction House

This is a cut'n'paste of my response on Tobold's MMORPG blog about the World of Warcraft auction house. Find the article here.

Controlling the market is key. I have the items I watch and I will buyout and low sellers and undercutters. Then I will repost at my price. I usually can bully out the undercutters because they are usually aren't dedicated AH watchers. They got some cash and that's all they cared about.

My keys to AH riches while still playing the game are as follows...

1. Pick your poison and stick with it. Don't switch back and forth between multiple items unless you really want to waste hours in the AH. If you are a disenchanter... stick with it. If you are a miner... stick with it.

2. Own the market every login. Take the few minutes to buyout every undercutter. This is tough at first because you probably will take losses on some purchases, but you are ensuring your future market.

Don't be afraid the mail people if they constantly undercut you. Don't be mad at them! Explain to them that you would like to purchase at a set price and see if they will stop using the AH. It is MORE profitable for them to sell lower to you because they are NOT losing money on AH fees.

3. Don't flood the market.
You have bank space... SO USE IT! If you find the market empty and a demand for your goods you will have the "stock" in the bank to fill up the market... and usually you can charge a bit extra.

30 minutes a day can make you 100 gold a week easily and I've proven it time and again. Just the question of what to buy/sell... I'll let you figure that part out.


  1. Hey just wanted to drop a note to say this was an interesting entry. I havn't played since about april, but back then as I was approaching 40 I tried to sort of balance saving for my mount with buying out bars (iron and copper is it?) to make money.

    I had to practice alot of what you mention, not flooding the market, buying people up who undercut me. It's just like the real world, you have to have the capital to buy up when people come after you, because (in my experience) they will.

    I had a few people msg me when they saw what I was doing and say "Think you'll get away with it? I'm gonna go mine right now and come back and sell it for super cheap". In other words, people took offense to it.

  2. Well metal bars and other easily gained supplies are tough to always buyout the undercutters. Sometimes you may have to buy out the undercutters and sell at a loss just to set a new price standard.

    People get mad when they see prices that are higher than normal. Just let em know if they don't like it... they don't have to shop the AH. I have been called an eBay gold seller and an asshole for doing it, but I just happened to be smart enough to do it with really good commodities. People needed them and I owned the market. The price was my price. They can complain all they want, but trader/merchant is a valid profesion in my eyes!


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