Friday, September 01, 2006

It's getting messy around here!

I've decided to go ahead and start cleaning up some of my posts over the last year or so. I will be deleting a bunch of meaningless posts full of broken links. Also I will try to clean up spelling mistakes and grammar issues in a lot of older posts. I figure the sooner I start the faster I will catch up to my current posts and from then on I can hopefully keep it clean.

This is all in preparation for the Blogspot changes that Google is testing in beta right now. Once those go live I will be redoing the sites layout as well as going back and putting all my posts into categories! I'm open to any other suggestions as well; just leave a comment.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    If you're cleaning up your posts, please make sure you give us the myspace of the Space Invaders belly girl!

  2. Lol the teddy bear was something that was done many years ago even when I was still in High School. Many people do it all the time.

  3. Now this will be interesting!!!

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Spelling mistakes... like "grammer"?


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