Thursday, August 24, 2006

WoW really pissed me off today

World of Warcraft really got under my skin today. Logged in to find that the battlegrounds on my server (Azgalor) were finally working. I like to play in battlegrounds because it offers a lot of PvP action, but at the same time I despise playing in them because I know the glaring imbalances that are present in WoW's PvP.

Warriors, rogues, and paladins are just insane once they have decent gear. Rogues aren't as bad as I once thought because they are soft enough targets that I can damage them respectably. Still can't fight through stuns, blind, sprint, and a number of other unbalancing features that combine to make the rogue, but with a few lucky crits and blowing my instant heal I can get a kill.

Paladins are truly fighters with heals now. Blizzard did a great job in turning the class around. Once upon a time paladins had to complain about lack of damage ability, but that is a thing of the past. Why? Because you seriously can not fucking kill them solo. If a Paladin is in any decent set of gear it takes forever to kill them. With a boost in their damage and a GOOD ranged execute they can lay the smack down before you ever get them anywhere near death. Why? Because of instant heals, invulnerability shield, and SUPER EFFICIENT MANA COSTS FOR HEALING. Also shield healing needs to be nerfed along with the majority of their healing ability. If a paladin shields they need to be unable to do ANYTHING! No more get out of jail free cards and no more "I NEVER DIE" paladins.

Warriors tip the scales though. A warrior should never be considered by their level, but by their gear. If its shiny, sparkly, or looks bad ass then you probably need to stay away. Warriors are just like rogues with enough tricks in the book to beat you down regardless of how skilled your class is. Combine this with great damage reduction, great hit points, and the most insane DPS weapons in game and you have a zero fun zone. I've seen epic warriors go into 5 on 1's and not even blink wiping them out.

Sad fact of WoW PvP is that your best bet to have fun is the twink out a lower level for lower level battlegrounds. At leas then you know you are the strongest of the strong compared to other twinks. But you won't find yourself fighting other twinks, because its always more fun to one shot the non-twinks.


  1. yeah I know, but it's funny since I play a Pally in WSG and I get owned regularly by rogues and warlocks (those nasty DOTs). I think the one-to-one the class balancing is a little off, but PvP still comes down to good support. On Turalyon the Alliance is just the worst, and you predictably get kiddies all rushing off to farm -- or more accurately, to be farmed-- while the Horde casually wins 9/10 times. I'm not exaggerating. In fact, it might even be more. Dunno is the cross server BG's will now help since a lot of PvP seems to be experience+attitude. Horde seems to own because they are made up of more dedicated and mature PvP'ers. Having a good squad with people knowing how to play their class and their role in PvP will always trump a twinker.

  2. But how geared are you? I've watched most of the good paladins on Azgalor take 5 on 1's and last for a long enough time to kill someone and still defend a flag. Paladins aren't as horrible if you are attacking them with a rogue (stuns, blind, etc.), but any class has to deal with that.

    Warlock should probably be mentioned also. They got a boost in power and OMFG watch out. Their shadow bolts crit for 1900+ now + chain fearing + dots = crazy. Even now that fear breaks it is still a cheap interupt and an easy way to make someone lose their target.

    Blah the more I think about it my real main complaint is that the damage output in WoW is getting insane and the only way to combat that is to get epic gear that has INSANE +sta or +HP while also giving +damage +crit %. Epics are just out of line.

    I don't see how adding 10 more levels with new epic gear can balance the problem any more. Players have insane hit points, mana, damage, and crit %'s as it is. You can't tell me that new gear is going to balance anything. Blah.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Don't know what class you are.. but try being a holy spec'd priest in the battlegrounds. It is the most unpleasant experience that a person can have pvp. I also have a 60 rogue and paladin and I can say that the shadow priest (before i respecd) was the most fun, followed by the rogue, then the paladin, then holy priest. In fact, I refuse to pvp unless I have friends that can watch my back while I watch theirs. I have much more survivability than when I was shadow (my renews tick for about 330 and I can heal myself to full a thousand times before mana runs out) but I think my biggest crit was around 800 with a 2 second cast... yeah... now imagine an epically decked out rogue or warrior attacking me and imagine who will win. the only class i can beat are any caster who aren't wearing good gear and resto spec'd druids (but I had fights last more than 20 minutes).

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Wish I had PVP'd with my warlock before I got sick to death of just looking at her. I'm enjoying PVP on my S Priest. To your point though, I am twinking the 49 BG range. I hate seeing my XP increase even the least amount. I don't want to level her to the top of the next bracket and not sure I can afford to twink when I get there.

    I can't one shot anyone but withstanding 3 ppl or widdling down a rogue or warrior solo is quite pleasing. :-)

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    yeah i have an amazing rogue not fully twinked with enchants and such but with wingblade and cruel barb and i own. not to mention my amazing gear, such as armor of the fang, leggings of the fang, gloves of the fang, and so on and so forth, but being not fully twinked i do get beat a fair amount of times, also my main is only lvl 27, so i worked hard to become a twink i didnt buy my twinkhood. but some classes that can own me are ....

    the mage- using frost nova when i stealth, really makes me mad has to be lvl 19 to beat me though, with above average mage gear

    the warlock- can keep me feared the whole battle while DoTing me plus an imp because the fire damage becomes highly effective

    the paladin- i hate alliance with a passion mainly because of this class, they can heal full health for like 1 mana, not mentioning their shield that lets no damage hurt them , i mean comon even the priests shield only allows for so much damage, also their mail wearing is rediculose its like putting a priest in mail, and their melee is a little worst than a warrior but annoying enough for my rogue to do only 5 damage efore they're fully healed and im dead

    the warrior- i dont mind warriors as much as pallys even though they can kill almost any class, i assume it gets extremly boring not pulling off combos or spells or having a pet rake other players, so i basically have pity for those who play the warrior it must be really boring just clicking on a target and owning it

    and the final class, other supperiorly twinked rogues - these guys are unbeatable they make me more mad than a hunter who runs away EVERY TIME (THATS YOU ALLIANCE HUNTERS!!!!) but normally twinks have showdowns among themselves so they dont make me to mad

    the class i hate the most is the hunter- all they do is shoot run, pet attack, wingclip, concussive shot until your dead, esspicially alliance hunters i find that more and more start to run every day and its making me mad, normally i sap then own them then when they try and run i gouge and that normally does the trick

    hope these few words of advice help



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