Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meet the New Everquest 2 Community Manager

No, it's not me! It is my good pal Grimwell!

Here is the official post.
I work for Sony Online Entertainment. I'm the new EQII Community Manger. No, really, I have proof! It's a great opportunity to fill some very big shoes and jump into an established and cool community. Obviously I have lots to learn there, and despite some people thinking that SOE is an Evil Empire(TM), I've yet to meet a bad person in the company, or do anything evil. The dark spot in my heart is almost dissapointed.
Congrats go out to Grimwell for a job well done. He deserves the position and I'm damn glad to have been a volunteer for his site. I've known about his new position for a while and I glad to finally be able to share it.

Even with my dislike for SOE I can only wish the best for Grimwell.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Ah, I remember the days when Grimmyboy was a player and moderated that panel I was on at AGC.

  2. He has some big shoes to fill, I think Ryan wore a size 19 or something like that and he is about 2 feet taller than Grimmy.

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    vmxbkafwI left EQ2 last year after utter disgust with the game changes and the fanboism that prevailed in defense of those changes.

    I think it's ironic that the things that displeased me most are actually being rectified from what I've heard now.

    But, it's too little, too late for this gamer.

    The only advice I can give Grimwell, is you have some pretty big idiots in that "Community", mouthing off right and left on those forums without so much as a hand slap. Kendricke and his ilk come to mind. This was the nail in SOE's coffin for me, those jerks. Complete ignoramous's with barely any knowledge of the game nor experience of MMOG's.

    Now I know one could say that WoW has an equally irritating forum-line, but what differs is the fact that with so many people, no one voice can "take over" and dominate a forum as well as those punks did and continue to do.

    So, I'm just giving you a heads up as to why I left for good and don't intend to go back either, EoF or no EoF.

    I don't like "communities" who berate knowledgeable players with 10+ years experience that date back to MUDS because they have nothing to do when they are at work cheating their employers of what they pay them for, and gloatfully admit it.

    My advice: Don't always defend the fanbois. It may come back to bite you like it did Ryan.

    Impressions of a game are not only limited to the game but also the disruption caused by defenders of bad game mechanics.


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