Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reality Check: I suck at English!

I received a wake up call today in my ENG 101 class. I suck at grammar. Give me a list of vocabulary words and definitions and I am king. Give me a test asking me to identify subject/verb agreement, comma splices, or improper verb use and you mine as well shoot me in the face because it will be far less painful. 52% (or a big fat F for you uneducated folks) is what I received on my grammar assessment test today.

One more thing I will have to work on if I plan on achieving another 4.0 this semester. Who said this college thing was easy?


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    You must mean, "you might was well shoot me". (Figured I'd kick you while you're down a little. Sorry.)

    That's pretty harsh. I recommend going back to your highschool and complaining to your English teachers, they should have had that pretty well covered by 9th grade.

  2. Well considering that 9th grade was 10 years ago and counting...

    What was truly sad is the young people that are no more than half a year out of High School doing even worse on the test than I did.

    I felt much better when I found out that no one scored over a 70% in my class and no one scored above 90% in any of the instructors classes. The majority of students were well below my grade with the average in the 30's.

    I do believe you meant "you might as well shoot me"... newb! Anyways I do believe "mine as well" is also grammatically correct.

  3. Now I forgot an apostrophe on instructors!!!! Gah!!!

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Grammer: What a waste of time for anything other then writing as a career. I still remember the gruling sentance diagrams and proper sentance stucture. Blah, all just shat they came up with the fill some space in school curiculum.

  5. That makes 2 of us Heartless. When I went back to college after taking 6 years off, my math skills were still on par, my history skills were exceptional, but my grammar resembled that of a mildly retarded exchange student from Guatemala. At first, I really tried to improve my grammar skills, but decided to say F*#( it after I realized that the definition of "proper" grammar is like Jello: the moment you think you have your hand on it, it slips out of your hand.

    Stick with it because lord knows that unless you do, it will affect your GPA, which will affect your school standing, which will affect your base salary, which will affect what house, car, and wife you end up with. Sad....

  6. 1. Have the house I want.
    2. Have the wife I want.
    3. Have the car I want.

    Math was my really really really really weak area going back to school. Of course I had a nearly perfect grade in Math last semester.

    Writing and English have always been my super strong points. Unfortunately that doesn't mean jack to the academic world if you can't put your knowledge on a test!

    And to think I may be signing a writing contract soon :P


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