Sunday, October 28, 2007

New in Linux: Graphic Card Drivers

AMD has decided to start supporting their ATI line of graphics cards with Linux-based drivers.
Video card giant AMD announced the release of new Linux drivers for its popular line of video cards today. The new drivers, Linux Catalyst 7.10, provide updates and features for desktop effects and gaming.

The new drivers provide support for AIGLX and ATI GPUs, enabling performance improvements for OpenGL games including the Quake and Doom lines. The improvements also offer support for enhanced graphic effects for supported distributions.
This is one moderate step in the right direction for Linux gaming. Graphic card support is the sore spot and hurdle that Linux gaming needs to clear. Hopefully, other companies will follow suit and give Linux users even more hardware options.


  1. That's great news for Linux ATI owners, but I still say Linux gaming for the masses won't happen anytime soon, likely never. Unfortunately.

  2. I never said it needs to hit the masses, but there are things that need to be done for Linux gaming to even exist as a viable option :P I wouldn't want Linux any more mainstream than it is.

    Could you imagine how high and mighty these distributions and Linux groups would get? Red Hat is already approaching Microsoft in terms of "big dumb company" status if you ask me.


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