Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PC Gamers Rejoice!

Spore has a release date!
Spore, the sim-everything simulator, finally got its amino acids together today and plopped out a release date of September 7, 2008. Looks like EA's boss was right that the long-in-production sim would reach retail "before the holidays" on the PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, and mobile phone platforms. Maxis' main man Will Wright said, "We're in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can't wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year." That makes, well ... just about all of us.
Mass Effect is coming to the PC in May!
Given the absurdly long period of time between releases of the Halo games on Xbox and on PC, I wasn’t expecting Mass Effect till we had a new president, at the very least. But today we’ve gotten word that Mass Effect is coming to PC this May.

The game has been optimized for PC, with a new, fully customizable control scheme which will allow you to hot key biotic powers so you can avoid those pesky menus. Between the ability to hot key and higher res visuals, I’m almost sold. There’s also a new decryption mini-game and an “enhanced inventory screen” with a new GUI which hopefully means the absolutely horrendous equipment screens won’t be such a mess anymore.
Porn is still free!


  1. Mass Effect is one of the best gaming experiences I've had in years. Great that the audience for it is getting wider.

    Spore will likely own my life come September.

  2. Spore has been my number one game now for a while to get. That we finally got a release date is f'n awesome. As far as the pleasure that is Mass Effect. Well the only way I would play it is if it came to PC. It is. I shall get it and there will be much rejoicing. (Sorry once I upgraded to a computer, consoles just don't cut it for me.)

  3. My tendency towards PC is that, as I've gotten older, my ability to use a console controller has greatly diminished. Being the the IT field, I use a keyboard and mouse every day and therefore it is very easy for me to transition into using them to play a game. Console controllers just feel awkward to me now a days, foreign and uninviting.

    The only console controller that has any resemblance of enjoyment would be the Wii and that is because it uses a lot of motions I am already used to.

  4. I'm torn myself, between PC and Console. There are benefits to both. I grew up gaming on both, and for different reasons I like each... but the main reason I lean a TEENY bit towards consoles is that they're much cheaper, and often see the more higher-production value titles these days as that's where publishers are focusing their money.

    Ultimately, I'd love it if there were a unified console/platform. Then I could stop worrying about upgrading my PC, or which console I need to buy to play the game I want...

  5. I agree that PC gaming is a bit expensive, and it is a bit unfair that console makers get to give away great hardware for dirt cheap. You can barely get a good graphics card for the same price as a PS3. Honestly, I've always said consoles are just whoring out their hardware (other than Nintendo who makes a profit per machine sold).

    I really think the future of both PC and console gaming is going to be a console type PC that can focus on the gaming hardware, but provide the functions of a PC. The problem with PC platforms is that they have to make all their money off the hardware sale, they can't sell the hardware cheap for a loss and then reap huge profits from per-game-sold royalties like the current consoles.

    But I guess that is a great strength of PC gaming... I am in a career field where I need to be on the fore-front (not bleeding edge) of PC technology. Makes it easy to explain upgrade costs to the wife :P


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