Monday, February 04, 2008

Deleted Post

Update: 16 Aug, 2009 - Deleted post, because I lost the picture. /sadface


  1. I don't understand... I'm sure this will ruin whatever joke is here, but can you please explain?

  2. My co-worker used a script to create a fake warning message in my computers system event log. We both play World of Warcraft. He plays a Paladin. I play a Shaman. Originally in WoW, Paladins were exclusive to Alliance and Shamans were exclusive to Horde, so there is a natural hatred between the classes we play.

    Anyways, he created the fake message and told me to check my log in relation to a different problem. The message talks about the Shaman Alerter System and refers to Shatner firing a lightning bolt.

    William Shatner, famous as Captain Kirk from Star Trek, did a World of Warcraft commercial where he stated he played a Shaman. View my other post about the commercial here:

  3. Ah ok, thanks hehe. Yeah, I liked those WoW commercials, I would like to see them for the games I play. :)

    Hi heartless! Fast response. ;)

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Ah when you break the joke down like that... Mr. T cries a single tear...


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