Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad News Bears

It has been hell since I've upgraded my computer. First, a mother board. Now, my video card. My EVGA 7800GTX took a dump on me this morning, and in the interest of time, I had to shop locally to find a replacement. Nothing sucks worse than Spring Break without a PC, not only for gaming, but the mountain of homework I need to catch up on.

Good news is that the local computer store had an MSI 9600 GT for close to $200. So, I picked one up and I'm back online. Now about that homework...


  1. Aye, that 9600 is quality for a cheap price. Let me know how it performs. I'll be getting one in the system I'm building quite soon. The benchmarks seem good enough, but I'd like to know how well it performs in your eyes.

  2. For a bit more the 8800 GTs are available and are actually better than the 9600's. However, locally, the 8800GTs ran nearly $100 more.

    I wish I could of waited and bought online, but I pigeon-holed my system since I don't have any other computers that can run SATA hard drives and with the amount of work I had saved to that drive it was well worth the "buy it now locally" price. In the end I'm out about $30.. ah well.

  3. I want to clear that up. I am talking about 8800 GT model cards, not GTS!

  4. aye, the one I ended up ordering from newegg ran quite a bit cheaper than the 8800GT. I eventually decided that for the price... it just couldn't be beat, especially since I put myself on a $850 budget for the whole system.

    It's shipping now and should be here next week. Can't wait!


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