Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shamans Hit Bottom

It's official: of the top 100 Arena Players in World of Warcraft, 0% are now Shamans. I guess it wasn't bad enough that Shamans were the least played class in game.

I hate to quote Arena numbers as much as the next WoW blogger, but I can't help but notice how EVERY CLASS, OTHER THAN SHAMANS, GETS BUFFED TO COMPETE IN ARENAS. I hate the idea that Blizzard is balancing classes based on Arena gameplay, but it is fairly evident that they are leaning that way currently.

Personally, I think WoW is about as lost as it can get in terms of PvP and class balance. I just want to know when it will be my turn, as an Enhancement Shaman, to be on the top of the OP stack. Actually, I would settle for anything other than the bottom.


  1. Well not sure if you read my latest, but your post helps me on two issues:

    1 to stop playing my shaman
    and 2 it confirms that arena PVP is lame and ruining the game

  2. The fact that you have to make a comment along the lines of "I'm waiting for them to adjust my class to balance the whole game around one aspect of play" pretty much ought to tell you something...

  3. Askander, if by that you mean I want to be completely overpowered and own bitches without even thinking about it, then yes, that is exactly what I want.


    Because Blizzard doesn't seem to have a problem letting other classes have that power currently. Plus, they don't seem to have the balls now to make dramatic changes stick, like the needed Warlock nerf and Shaman buff.

    They seem to be done with "dramatic" and are quite content to leave the classes that weren't lucky enough to get overpowering changes as is (aka scraping shit off the bottom of a stunned rabbit's foot).

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  5. [no edit button and I didn't like how that came out - take 2]

    If you're this angry about it (which, to me, seems to be the case) is it still a game?

    And don't misunderstand, I was in the same boat up till about 4 weeks ago and it wasn't even affecting my class perse. I was just tired of the stupid changes. So I quit. And upon reflection yesterday I realized the longer I'm away from WoW the more satisfied I seem to be about that decision. Not saying that's what you should do, just thought maybe it's worth mentioning.


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