Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three Things to Keep Me Interested

In my previous post, I gave Mythic three months to get WAR straightened out. Now, I want to list the three things that MUST change in order for me to stick with WAR and not, sadly, go back to WoW.

1. Magus/Engineer "magnet" abilities removed from the game completely or limited to a single target only.

2. Open-world RvR zones populated with PvE content such as PQs and normal quest hubs.

3. Experience and renown gain reworked in scenarios. Scenarios should reward based on wins and losses ONLY, not upon how much damage or how many kills a player nets. Scenarios are fun, but due to how rewards are doled out, only the fastest-played and most-kills scenarios get played. This has to change.

Mythic already has a start on #2 with their upcoming Halloween event, but I am not impressed by their plans to have the Public Quests in open-world RvR zones respawn once every few hours instead of after two minutes like EVERY OTHER PQ IN THE GAME.


  1. #3.- Is probably one of the best ideas for balancing scenarios I've seen. It simultaneously cuts the rewards of Scenarios, forces players to focus on objectives as ooposed to zerging, and may help more variety in scenario options. The only negative I see is the scenarios that often end in draws are not rewarded.

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    #1 - The tree with Electromagnet/Chaos Rift (Tinkerer for Engineer) is currently the only 'viable' tree. Viable in the sense it's the only working tree that is currently showing it's effectiveness as a defensive support class. To nerf the Electromagnet/Rift would mean an increase in the other trees or possibly a class restructure (revision).

    Where as I would argue the Engineer is pretty handy in most situations without the Electromagnet, without said move it loses alot of it's CC appeal.

    I wouldn't say this means the Eng/Magus are broken but they're currently in a state of flux it appears due to having limited 'real' (by which I mean, competitive) options.

    Also just to note Heartless, some of the Altdorf PQs are on 20+minute cooldown timers ;)

  3. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Not that I like the magnet abilities but I think they have a place in the game but not in their current state.

    This PQ is ONLY for this event. Of course they don't want it to respawn every 2 minutes so that the rewards actually mean something. When did they ever say that ALL PQs in RvR zones are going to be on hour long timers? You're just assuming out of your ass on that one.

    Your idea about XP and renown in scenarios is retarded. You'll get into situations where once a side starts losing even just a little they'll just all leave the scenario... that happens already when one side is getting blown away but with your system it's more likely to happen. And what if it's a really close score? 400 to 500, you think the team that got 400 didn't work enough to get XP or renown because they lost? mythic would be stupid to do that.

    Scenario xp/renown is fine the way it is, maybe some adjustments to the way the join all queue works to give more diversity to the popping scenarios.

    You're probably better off going back to WoW because even if mythic fixes those 3 things, you'll find more things to cry about.

  4. It's amazing how rude anonymous posters can be. It's like they believe that by not submitting a name - even a fake one - they somehow have a right to be as much of an asshat as they'd like.

  5. Scenario xp/renown is fine the way it is.


    Really? So, it is awesome when a team focuses on the objectives in a scenario, win the scenario, but get rewarded with less experience and renown because they didn't farm the enemy spawn point?

    Basing experience and renown on kills simply makes scenarios like Tor Anroc into the only viable scenarios to play.

    Scenarios need to be balanced out for completion time and experience/renown gained. The reward gained should directly reflect if you won/lost, and could easily be based on a %, so if it is a close 400 to 500 match, each side gets rewarded well, winner taking the bonus at the end.

    As it is, scenarios will make me quit this game. I could of stuck with WoW if I wanted to grind instanced PvP to the top of the ranks.

  6. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I don't have a blog so what does it matter if I'm anon or not? I just want to correct some things that heartless seems to be overreacting about.

    The winning team does get a bonus in scenarios for their score. The higher the score the more they get. If the scores are close then yea I can see the losing team win out because they got more kills. But over-all it should be a wash because the winning team gets more for winning.

    Again I'm not sure what you're talking about because the reward does reflect if you won or lost...

    Get me screenshots of a losing team where the majority gets more renown/xp than a winning team. I'm sorry but in my experience, I just haven't seen it.

    What they need to do is make locking down zones much easier so people can actually work towards getting to the fortresses and capturing the cities. If anything they can beef up the fortresses a bit so at least you see some RvR movement on the map instead of nothing for days.

  7. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I'm unclear on why you went for the three months as it is. You never sounded *happy* on Ventrilo, but maybe that is just your voice.

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM


    The fanatic need he had to hype this less than stellar game pre-launch, seems to have put him on the spot.

    Maybe he feels he must at least give them some time or else be proven wrong....again.

  9. Anonymous12:08 PM

    IMO the only major problem with WAR is that there is NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE DOING CONTENT.

    If the world was full of people doing PQs, forts, quests, ORvR pvp then despite many little problems, WAR would be a buzz.

    HOWEVER, I tend to think this will never happen, because the game is broke at a very deep level ... eg. the world is too big for the population cap.

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    the biggest problem with #3 as I see it is this would lead to the "WOW AFKer"

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I wonder how many people that complain about bugs in a game played WoW at release. Not to mention WoW still has it's bugs.


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