Saturday, May 02, 2009

Not Gone Yet!

Shadowbane, as far as Ubisoft cares, is gone forever.

However, the development team doesn't seem to be giving up without at least some sort of massive send-off.
Following our recent news, the support and enthusiasm the community has shown for Shadowbane has led to an extension of the closure date to July 1, 2009. This should allow the community enough time to play out its final days appropriately. We are looking into various options to make these final days as fun as possible!
Shadowbane, the cockroach of MMOGs-that-should-be-dead-already.

Update: Aeria Games has twittered some interest in buying Shadowbane and keeping it afloat.
@game_zine Not yet. We are discussing with Ubisoft on Shadowbane. Let us know what you think about the game.

@LisaFinefrock Please give us feedback as we are very interested in Shadowbane.

@grumpywalker Please let us know what you love about Shadowbane.


  1. This and Horizons: Empires of Astaria were two of the worst MMO's I have ever played

  2. Coppertopper2:07 PM

    "I'm not dead yet...I feel happy!"

  3. Shadowbane, the "cockroach" as you called it, is conceptually far far far ahead of all this new intense-graphics crappity crap that came after it.
    Shadowbane is not an MMORPG, not the way MMORPGs are today. Shadowbane is a tactical simulator charged with brutality. Everything else on the MMO market are hoarding-driven grind fests.

  4. Go drink some more "Play to Crush" brand kool aid Konrad and then come back and let me know whether you've figured out the cockroach analogy.

  5. I don't foresee myself quitting the game, so why don't you just enlighten me?


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