Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hide the kids: World of Warcraft selling GOLD for CASH

Rock, Paper, Shotgun sums this gem up nicely:
The day has come. Pack your children into a suitcase, sell the dog, flee to the countryside and put all your energy into growing giant marrows. The end times are coming. The Great Doom has begun. The last bastion has fallen.

World of Warcraft now allows you, in a roundabout sort of way, to officially swap real money for in-game gold. RUN FOR THE HILLS.
The basics are this:

Blizzard sells pet for $10
Pet is NOT Bind on Aquire
Players sell Pet in Auction House for X gold
Players are now able to basically buy gold for cash via $10 pet

Why Blizzard just doesn't cut the shennanigans out is beyond me. They need to just shut up and start selling gold and other mictro-transactions and move World of Warcraft to a Free 2 Play model.

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