Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Hitting the nostalgia hard! Coe's Quest!

 Watching my own Minecraft video from 11 (11!) years ago had me waxing nostalgic for those glorious early years of Minecraft.  A hallmark of those years, at least for me, was Coe's Quest on YouTube.  Anytime my oldest son starts talking to me about Minecraft (a daily occurrence) I hum the closing theme song to Coe's Quest... "talkin' about Minecraft.  Talkin' about Minecraftttttt".  Episode 001 is embedded below and some thoughts are shared below.

 Chills watching this!

 Man hitting the play button and hearing that "Everybody is walking around my town" brings back so many memories.  It wasn't too long before this where I can remember when the "total number of players online" was showing in the Minecraft client and was in the hundreds of players.  I imagine right as Coe's Quest hit the game was rocketing into the millions of players on the back of the survival mode that was added (for the kiddos out there; yes I was playing Minecraft before there was a survival mode, before creepers were a thing... get off my lawn!).

 Coe's Quest was the perfect set up to get me jazzed up to play Minecraft.  I'd basically steal everything Coestar did in his videos in my own Minecraft worlds.  Coe building a minecart station?  I was building one.  Coestart building a giant waterslide?  I was building one.  To this day when I jump back into Minecraft and I start mining an area I follow the exact same pattern as I picked up from Coe's quest (3 high tunnels 3 blocks apart).

 Coe's Quest is also responsible for why I even tried my short three episode stint with Minecraft Monday's; though I just couldn't find the confidence to do voice over work.  That desire for video content exists all of these years later. 

 If you need me I'll be over here at my desk smiling.

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