Monday, January 16, 2023

You Don't Know Until You Know: Mouse Pad

Glorious Elements Ice Mousepad
 I am a fan of Glorious mice and keyboards (I still use a GMMK for work even with my recent Wooting 60HE purchase).  I also own a few odds and ends from Glorious such as their headphones hook, wrist pads, and mouse bungee.  Even with this investment in Glorious I was still using an old "freebie" mouse pad borrowed from my office now that I work from home.  That changed when I grabbed the Glorious Elements Ice mouse pad on sale recently.  I didn't know mouse pads could be this good and change how you use a mouse so much!

 Moments after placing the pad on my desk and moving my Glorious Model O mouse across the surface I knew this was going to be a difference maker in my set up.  The mouse glides effortlessly with almost no resistance.  The movement is so smooth I am baffled how long it took me to realize such pads existed.

 It wasn't long after getting the pad that I booted up Battlefield 2042 and New World and gave it a whirl in game.  The difference was immediate.  Mouse movement was the most smooth I've ever had in a game.  Not once did I feel like I was hitting a limit of my physical area and the times I needed to move the mouse to make larger swipes felt glorious (pun intended)!

 I am about a month into gaming with the pad and while it took a week or two to get used to the ice skate smoothness I can't imagine anything else now.  Even outside of games it is a game changer for productivity during work.  It is just easier now to use my mouse as it floats across the surface.  Sometimes you just don't know until you know!

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