Friday, February 24, 2023

New World Gear Sets WTF!?

 Tons of patch notes this morning from New World, but it's this update posted to the forums that has the community up in arms.

 3 free gear sets?  A limit to how many extra you can purchase?  What game are the developers looking at?  Three is criminally low.  Let's count through how many gear sets an average player will have:

  1. Main role Lost ward/bane
  2. Main role Corrupted ward/bane
  3. Main role Ancient ward/bane
  4. Main role Angry Earth ward/bane
  5. PvP set (let's just assume players just have one...)
  6. Main crafting skill set
  7. Secondary crafting skill set (most players have cooking sets)
  8.  Refining set - Stonecutting
  9.  Refining set - Woodworking
  10. Refining set - Leatherworking
  11. Refining set - Weaving
  12. Refining set - Smelting
  13. Gathering set - Lumberjack 
  14. Gathering set - Mining
  15. Gathering set - Harvesting
  16. Gathering set - Skinning

 Let's just stop there... as you can see we are already at 16 and this is just if you do one role in the game such as just DPS.  If you, like me, dabble in tanking and like variety in PvP add eight more sets to this list.  And they are adding another ward/bane (human) as well this season!

 I am less worried about paying for extra slots and more worried that since there are only 3 free sets that the total limit will be much lower than what is actually needed.  The only way this small number would make sense is if they were getting rid of refining, gathering, crafting sets (doubt it) or if ward/bane were being changed so you didn't need different gear for different types (doubt it).

 Over the last two days I've defended the New World developers a bit, but this is another "shoot yourself in the foot" moment for them.  Just baffled here.  Hopefully AGS takes action on the community uproar and increases the free slots and places no limit on max. Seriously; I was just reading through a more hardcore player's list and they have 37 -- THIRTY SEVEN -- sets!

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