Monday, May 13, 2024

New World: Forged in Aeternum - Eye on Aeternum (May 2024)

 Eye on Aeternum just dropped for May 2024.  Some thoughts below.

 Rabbit's Revenge is happening!  I had thought it had been dropped for the year due to the Season 5 delay.  I don't know why I like killing rabbits in New World but I do and I'll do it the requisite hundreds of times again this year to get my rewards!

 The video then proceeds to tease the ever-living-crap out of us as they censored the majority of the rest of the video.  I am not sure why they chose to do this?  It will piss the community off and I can't blame the community.  Personally found it a little irritating; I was searching for hippos in the background (of which I found none).

 EDIT: The hippos have been found! They were in the community contest update! I pointed it out in the picture below in case you can't see it.

A picture of hippos in New World

 They better have a banger of an update for June otherwise this video will likely be forever held up as the moment "remember when New World died?".

TLDW; video transcript summary:

The transcript provided is a discussion between Leala (also known as Lydia) and Katy about upcoming content and developments in the game New World. They discuss events like "Rabbit's Revenge," community celebrations, and upcoming Twitch drops. Katy hints at exciting features and updates coming to the game, expressing enthusiasm to share more with the players. The conversation emphasizes the team's readiness to reveal new content and engage with the community. Leala also mentions an upcoming dev update in June where more details will be shared. Overall, it's a conversation geared towards keeping players informed and excited about the game's future.

Summary: Leala and Katy discuss upcoming events and content in New World, emphasizing community engagement and excitement for future updates.

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