Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Why I have faith in New World

Darth Vader Faith

  I get a lot of crap for being a proud supporter of New World.  I don't think the game is perfect, but it doesn't take me long playing around with other games to remind me why I have faith in New World.

 I recently played the Pax Dei wilderness alpha and shared my thoughts.  I was not impressed and the game has a ways to go.  What was most shocking was how rudimentary the combat was.  Having insight to even the earliest of New World's testing periods the combat in New World was never anywhere near as basic as Pax Dei's offering so far.  Point goes to New World.

 Even more recently I've played Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) again for the first time in a decade and it didn't take me long to remember how floaty (and clunky) the combat is in that game.  Ironically ten or so years ago when ESO first launched I was not sold that an MMO could provide action combat and ESO was my poster child as to why.

 I can say all these years later that I was wrong about action combat in MMOs.  Action combat is New World's best selling point and while its got some growing pains right now with it's recent changes to the underlying scripting it is literal leaps and bounds better than ESO combat.  The ESO combat isn't so bad I don't want to keep playing but every fight I wish I was playing New World.

 What I do see as an advantage that ESO (or Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, etc) have on New World is content.  ESO has a lot of content and comes out with new content chunks at a good pace.  New World has not been able to generate content at a pace that meets player expectations and some of the content, such as seasonal events, has been lackluster.  However, the games I mention didn't magically get content overnight. New World can get there with more content; they just need to figure out how to speed up the delivery.

 So whether its stepping back into old games like ESO or playing new shiny games like Pax Dei; I can see clear advantages for New World against its peers.  This gives me faith that there is a future for New World that is obfuscated by folks that can't look past the steam charts for concurrent players.  New World just needs to clean up the recent combat bugs introduced by the combat code rewrite (slayer script) and get cracking on new content.  Frankly; I find the general lack of faith in New World to be disturbing.

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