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Friday, January 12, 2024

Nice People Do Exist on the Internet!

 Just sharing this nice comment I got after helping someone out with Firestaff questions for New World on Reddit.  While lots of folks just use Reddit or other platforms to complain about games every once and a while one person helps another out and shares some knowledge.  While I may not have a heart; I am always willing to share with others in the games I am playing!

reddit comment
Reddit username blurred as they sent this via private chat message

Monday, December 18, 2023

Reddit Recap 2023

 It's that time of year for recaps!  Here are a couple highlights from 2023 for my Reddit browsing.

reddit recap heartlessgamer

reddit recap heartlessgamer

reddit recap heartlessgamer

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Reddit Digg-ing

 Remember Digg?  No? Remeber your answer to this question because in a few years I am going to ask if you remember Reddit.  They are playing the full Digg card.  The best quote from that thread (bold added by me).

Some people might not be old enough to remember when made a bunch of changes during the transition to v4. Digg was huge at the time. They thought they were literally unstoppable, but just like myspace and many companies before them, their names are unknown to many.

It will be weird transitioning away from Reddit like the companies before, but I guess, in the tech world it eventually becomes inevitable…

Friday, December 09, 2022

I was surprised by my Reddit Recap for 2022!

 Reddit has posted it's 2022 Recap for users and I wanted to share some of my cards.  It's funny and a bit freaky how much a site like Reddit gets to know about you simply be keeping track of what you do.

 The neatest part is the card they put together for you.  I cracked up at mine and my special +0 power.  Also surprised by my karma performance this year.  I had not realized I had gained so much! 

 So to recap:

  • In Top 1% of karma farmers earners
  • I live in the New World sub reddit
  • I like my memes (of course the entire Green Bay Packers season is a meme!)
  • Also 2022 a year for politics and world events

Go me!
And I was entertained!

tuck frump and puck futin