Friday, December 09, 2022

I was surprised by my Reddit Recap for 2022!

 Reddit has posted it's 2022 Recap for users and I wanted to share some of my cards.  It's funny and a bit freaky how much a site like Reddit gets to know about you simply be keeping track of what you do.

 The neatest part is the card they put together for you.  I cracked up at mine and my special +0 power.  Also surprised by my karma performance this year.  I had not realized I had gained so much! 

 So to recap:

  • In Top 1% of karma farmers earners
  • I live in the New World sub reddit
  • I like my memes (of course the entire Green Bay Packers season is a meme!)
  • Also 2022 a year for politics and world events

Go me!
And I was entertained!

tuck frump and puck futin


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