Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Initial Battlefield 2 impressions.

The game is expansive... and I've only seen one map. The detail in each and every area is astounding no matter what part of the map you are on. From the construction crane that towers over the center of the map to the massive battleship waiting off the shore the detail is evident.

The combat feels right on, but still prone to spawn camping. Air strikes, tanks, and armored vehicles are always present at the spawn points and on random servers it seems to be quite evident that spawn camping is all that happens. Its frustrating and it sucks. Good server ops will kick the campers and you can get to an enjoyable game. With organized teams the spawn camping will be kept to a minimum I hope.

The ground units seem well done and the equipment sets are fun. Grenades are a bit off, but may just be my perception of them. The ground combat is lacking though. In my little experience the vehicles and jets rule the map. Explosions go through walls and shooting out windows with anit-tank rockets results in the infamous killing yourself because the rocket hit the window ledge.

So it feels like a good game and has the graphics to support a good game. I am only worried that the vehicle balance on maps will not be controlled... but that is what custom servers with friends are for!

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