Monday, June 13, 2005

My weekend.. 0 gaming and lots of sun!

For anyone that doesn't know... my weekends are non-gaming days. I am either out of town visiting my girlfriend or my girlfriend is in town visiting me. Since it is a distance relationship these are the only times we get to see each other.

Now I did get a few minutes in to install the Battlefield 2 demo and she watched me play for a few minutes before stealing me back from my computer. It seems to be a good game, but I need to play with the settings some for optimal play.

This Monday marks my start on night shift for work. I now work the evening shift as of today... the reason for this post coming so late. So my gaming time has shifted into the day time hours or late night hours.

But onto my weekend!

It started with my girlfriend getting into town after I got off of work. When she parked in my driveway a small black kitten darted under her car. Being the cat lover I am I couldn't let the poor kitten stay outside. It was obviously a house cat, well behaved, and it hadn't eaten in a while.

Problem was my cat just wasn't going to allow a kitten into the apartment. So I had to take the kitten over to a friend’s house and his wife was more than happy to kitten sit. Full house > my small apartment. That took the whole night up and was fun to have the playful kitten around for a while. My cat just isn't playful anymore.

Saturday we headed to the beach... and proceeded to give me a whole bunch of reasons to stay out of the sun. I am burnt from head to toe. I used a large amount of sun screen, but still it wasn't enough. I should have applied more after getting out of the ocean, but thought nothing of it until after I was burnt. Oh well... the sun is still the enemy of the gamer!

So of course Sunday was going to be a long painful day of laying around getting lotion rubbed into my sunburn. Enjoyable for me... not so much the girlfriend. Also started planning our trip back to my home town many many many miles away... which will occur later this month.

And that leads us to today! Since I am starting the new shift this week my girlfriend got to stay and extra half a day since she isn't starting her new job until this Friday. It was spent in the same manner as Sunday... enjoyable lotion rubbing :)

So now I ponder the rest of the week and my new gaming hours... it shall be interesting being out of prime time gaming!


  1. ARGG not the sun!!!! my eyes.. my eyes..

  2. Ha!

    Actually my first time at the beach this year.

    I've had the farmers tan going for a while because I work out in the afternoon and get the sun during the run...

    ...mad rhymes.


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