Friday, June 10, 2005

A rogue whining about hunters mark?

Now I have my fair share of rants and whines about rogues in WoW's PvP system... some of them quite childish. Regardless I always base it with facts and I am consistent on my complaints. However this fool has no leg to stand on...

"I was in a Raid the other night......2 minute timer for hunters mark????? holy cow.... that's an eternity in a raid..30 seconds is way long but that would be closer to what I think it should be since I'd likely die anyway....sigh.. ss" - Sasha_Soui

A few things to point out...

1. Stealth = invisiblity that lasts as long as a rogue can avoid a trap or detection. I'm sorry... if you get caught in plain sight you shouldn't be able to disapear into thin air. It's sad there is so few abilities to stop a rogue from disapearing.

2. Hunters are meant to be the anti-rogue trackers and stealth preventers. That gives them use in PvP. Without this ability they are a limited ranged damage dealer with a pet.

3. Hunters mark can still be dispeled rather easily with potions and many trinkets.

4. The two minute timer is there so you it actually is useful. Whats the point of using it if it is gone in 30 seconds?

Rogues need to step off their pedestal and come back to earth with the rest of the classes.

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