Friday, September 23, 2005

How to stop this crap

From a previous blog post...- Battleground match-ups are now either Arranged Team or Random Team. Random Team consists of players who joined single; Arranged Team consists of a group of players who queued together. Arranged Team players may only be able to play against other Arranged Team players, likewise with Random Team players who can only play against other Random Team players.

Perfect! Hopefully everyone would get a clue and go with the random groups because fighting stacked groups is only fun for full guild groups... otherwise it blows and is just free honor. Blizzard needs to think of crap like this BEFORE releasing stuff... it is time to stop serving things up on a silver platter for the hardcore players.
Its like letting NFL teams play highschoolers to claim the Lombardi trophy.

This scenario kills BGs every night. Normally they are logged in from 3 PM until 5-6 AM the next morning. They have nothing better to do than WoW PvP and that is how the ranks system is built. They sit on Ventrillo all day long and do nothing else.

Yes they are good... damn good. Do I want to fight them? Yes if I could get a good guild group of my own, but I can't. These no-lifes should not be allowed to fight PUGs. Its like letting NFL teams play highschoolers to claim the Lombardi trophy. It is dumb!


  1. This change would encourage even greater abuse of the PvP system. Since the need for massive amounts of "honor" remains, there would be a huge incentive for AT's to arrange matches, taking turns winning and losing to farm "honor".

    WoW's PvP system is a real joke.

  2. Actually funny you mention that since I caught two guilds doing this last night... well to a certain degree.

    Honestly though Blizzard needs to do something because they are handing honor out like candy to those people who happen to just have more time to play with a set group.

    You should be rewarded for good team work, but not against unorganized groups who are there to have fun.

  3. The problem is one that I've already encountered in Magic the Gathering Online: The more selective and restrictive you make the pairing of opponents, the longer people have to wait. It would be perfectly possible to design a ladder system in WoW, where people that win a lot in PvP only get paired against opponents that also won a lot, while casual PvP pickup groups get paired against other casual players. But the waiting queues for that would be even longer than they are now.

  4. But whats worse Tobold?

    The current system where people are quitting a brand new battleground within the first couple weeks... not because it got boring... but because they can't compete with the no-lifes.


    A system where the teams are random and still there is a place for organized guild vs guild matches... or organized vs organized.

    Honestly it would be easier to sell the majority of WoW players on the arranged team and random team idea IMHO.


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