Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mouthing Off - Blizzard and Battlegrounds

Mouthing off is a new column I'm going to be starting here. Call it a whine and call the whammmmbulance as I try to argue my way through pure anger.

Today’s Mouthing Off goes out to the wonderful team at Blizzard for producing such a stinky craptastic turd, known as battlegrounds, and force feeding it down the throat of every equal opportunity MMO gamer out there. If it wasn't bad enough that the honor PvP ranking system was falling apart prior to battlegrounds because the "newbs" were getting ganked around every corner Blizzard trumped it by dropping the battlegrounds on us.

Because we all know something like this was not going to happen...
This would never happen in WoW?
...after all there isn't a census this side of the Mississippi that doesn't show two alliance for every horde on the majority of servers. It must of taken some real hardcore internal testing to figure out that 40 vs 9 wasn’t any damn fun. Yet it never dawned on them to limit each side to only allow an EQUAL number of players in?

I quote...

With the next patch Blizzard got the grand idea of giving a “battleground holiday” to attract more people to play in the battlegrounds. HELLO! No amount of extra honor will get anyone to want to zone into a 40 vs. 9 match or wait three hours with their organized raid group for an actual match to compete in! Blizzard giving out more free honor to those who don’t deserve it!

Plus Blizzard deems it wonderfully cool to remove the ability to /afk and leave a battleground. God forbid you may want to give the spot up right away if you are not of any use... or hell why would anyone want to suffer through a match where it is 40 vs. 20? NO ONE wants to!

I can't believe Blizzard has let this run for so long. While people struggle to fight it out in bad Alterac Valley groups... there is players getting 10,000+ honor because they were lucky enough to log into a 40 vs 20 match or wait for a battleground to fill up with skilled players and then /afk out to take their uber l33t raid group to a 40 vs 20 match.

The fact is that Alterac Valley is the only place you can compete for rank anymore and it is blatantly obvious how drastically it skews contribution point totals and a players "contribution" to their realm. For example... my ZERO AV wins and hell of a lot of open world PvP vs. MR NUBSAX's 9+ AV wins and two times my honor.
The AV difference
During that time I saved many players trying to level from PKs, interrupted my sworn enemies from advancing their gold accounts and levels, and actually gave a damn about the world I play my avatar in.

"and actually GAVE A DAMN ABOUT THE WORLD I play" - Heartless_

Blizzard needs to get a clue and close Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch for a complete rework. Allowing players with no right to their PvP rank, honor totals, or gear gained through them is just blowing smoke up the ass of every hard working gamer out there that refuses to submit themselves to constant abuse at the hands of an idea sketched on a cocktail napkin and pushed through internal testing the next day.

I leave you... as I wait...


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Cry more noob!

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    He spelled nub wrong.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

  4. They are removing the ability to quit a battleground with /afk? Great news, that one was used for a serious WSG exploit. People were doing /afk whenever they saw that they were paired against an uber-guild, and signed up for the next battle against some pickup group.

    I don't know what is happening on your server, but on mine WSG for level 51-60 opens every 5 minutes. If you can manipulate against who you are paired, you can win several batttlegrounds per hour, each at 2000+ honor. Much faster than AV.

    Sorry, but I think your screenshots are not totally honest: AV doesn't even open if you don't have at least 30 horde players, and when a large amount of people leaves and only 9 remain, there should be a message of "battleground closing in 5 minutes", which you conveniently failed to show. And your WSG screenshot is probably done with a character lower than level 51, at a time way outside prime time.

  5. The only good thing about the BG's is the fact it has made running around in Contested Areas much safer. You can play for days without seeing a red player. For the I thank Battlegrounds.
    Downside of course is the only way to progress in Honor is Battlegrounds.
    Perhaps they need to lower the Honor gained in BG's and push people back into the rest of the world to hunt. OF course then this means meeting more reds. A partial fix for this is to give no Honor for a kill of a character with Scout of less. If you are Scout or less you care little about PvP.

  6. Tobold any day of the week I can take new screenshots. I would do no editing to prove my point on my blog. I have no need to cheat the system sir. My blog faithful and guildmates can attest to this.

    WSG... you are darn lucky to have fast matches... let alone matches. WSG across the majority of servers is shutting down because of good teams /afk swapping BGs, BG matches lasting too long against good teams, and most of all the easy AV wins being handed out like candy. WSG is nice when you win and I prefer it because it is challenging to get a good group running in it.

    And yes AV closes after there is less than 10... and it happens because it starts AV when there is only 20 queued for one side. It should only allow 20 vs 20 then... then we wouldn't have to /afk out instead of get run over by the 40 man force.

  7. I verified in game and on the official site, AV only starts with 30 players per side, not 20.

  8. 30 in queue... does not guarantee those 30 will accept and most of the time there is afk people in the queue.


    That is a link to the second BG that opened on Azgalor today. Basically the "in crowds" get the first BG with their 40 man raids and the majorit of other non-hardcore gamers are left with this.

    30 may be required, but obviously not that many actually join. The BG should balance off # of people entering... not in line.

  10. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Fix BG honor farming, I linked to that in MO3; and implement a bounty system for gankers, link at . . . the forums just died, but if that link doesn't work just do a search =)

    Anyway these two changes would help make pvp fun again.


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