Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dungeons and Dragons Online introduces faction grinding!

"With the launch of the Twilight Forge Module, we will be introducing a new system through which players gain favor with different groups by completing specific adventures. Favor allows you access to special items and rewards; the higher your favor, the greater the rewards. The Patron system will grow, offering the chance for new and better rewards as well as greater ties and involvement within the various patron groups."
I wonder how much more crap like this was on the table early on in development and then never implemented? They seem to have created a skeleton game and slowly are filling in organs. DDO took the classic MMORPG formula and then spiced it with bits'O'Dungoens and Dragons... creating a steaming pile of stink.

While this sort of thing has always been around in D&D in the form of guilds it is far more advanced. You can get buildings, be the leader of a guild, and eventually this earns you the right to hire henchmen. There is unlimited rewards because of how pen'n'paper role playing works because its you and your five buddies sitting at a table. In a persistent world with hundreds of players the idea of faction, err sorry Patron System, equals grinding.

The truth is that Turbine can't keep up to their promises of monthly content releases. Hell, not even bi-monthly content releases. Coupled with the fact there is barely enough content in game to keep anyone interested they are resorting to the time sinks of MMORPGs past. Grinding sucks.

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  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Turbine and broken promises...I could forgive them all the miscalculations made during the development and maintenance of AC2. But the lies and half-baked truths and promises are what I don't forgive. The most aggregous of these was that expansion. They had to have known that they were going to shelf the game by time the released it a lured naive players into shelling out more money into a collapsing game universe. I wasn't among those that paid but it still irks me even now.

    I really hate the fact that they are doing LOTR Online. They know how to do graphics and design a decent game but they just can't deliver on promises or keep the content updated. I don't get it??

    BTW, I heard that they are going to add solo content to DDO by including a dungeon flag. Obviously this will simply adjust the loot tables and dumb-down the bosses. What were they thinking with no solo content?? Like or not, solo players are here to stay. DUH

  2. Problem is they followed the ole' MMORPG formula and then put D&D in the title and then said... here you go... because this is D&D you must always group.

    Adding solo content is just another reason they need to revoke the D&D license for this pile of garbage.


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