Monday, June 05, 2006

The Pod People present... "A Raid on Westfall"

Here is my newest video for World of Warcraft. My new guild, The Pod People, had a fishing tournament over the weekend and then a party afterwards (all player created) and we wound up taking the party into Westfall.

Check out the video for the hilarity that ensued!

You don't need to be raiding epics to have fun and I wish more people would understand this. And judging by the popularity of The Pod People there seems to be a lot of interested people :) Hopefully this video sways more people to have FUN doing whatever the hell they want :)


  1. Nice. No DKs? :P

    And… I never knew you were on my server… thats cool!


  2. FRAPS is awesome :)

    I use the always free to legal Windows owners Windows Movie Maker. If its not already installed download it from Microsofts download section.

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM

    That looked very fun. No offense to anyone reading but that those kind of events are what RPGs are all about. Hardcore raiders have taken the soul out of this game!

    Woot for the Pod People. BTW, arent they a guild that is associated with a WOW Podcast?? The one with Renata?


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