Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Am Sick of Seeing the ™ ; Lord of the Rings Online Launches!

The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ Launches! It's about damn time. I still have a p/review to write up, but I just don't have the time to be grumpy as of late.

What irks me most about this press release is that Turbine once again overstates Lord of the Rings Online with the quote: "The Most Anticipated MMO of the Year Now Available".

First the bullshit ONE MILLION BETA TESTERS spam e-mail and now this. Turbine needs a reality check.

NOTE: I am sick of the damn ™ in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Just curious, what MMO is more anticipated this year than LotRO?

  2. to Ethic

    Warhammer Online : Age of reckoning.

    And this game, will really have the strength of a good game behind it with some great lore.

    And yes, I'm sick of hearing about LOTRO.

  3. WAR, agreed. And WAR won't need all the smoke and mirrors to get the job done.

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Arrrr, that be Pirates of the Burning Sea, mateys!

  5. Though I just got the WAR monthly letter, and they are pushing it to 1st quarter 2008. (Which is just fine with me. They didn't want to release something that was just good. And with what they learned from the dwarves and greenskins, and then applied it to the human/chaos lands, made those locations great, but the dwarves/greenskins to not be good enough so they are going back in and making it even better.. I'm fine with that.)

    If they have to take a bit more time, not making Vanguard, I'll be happy. And that's just how I feel.

    LOTRO just had no heart to me, and it just didn't feel fun. At least in WoW, it did feel fun. Though I haven't played that in gods no how long now. But WoW didn't pretend to be other than what it is.

    And LOTRO is trying nail the prom queen just cause she's popular. (Sorry for the euphamism.) But seriously.. some days, Turbine leaves a wet dog crap in my mouth feeling... oh well.

  6. The Burning Crusade was the most antispate release of 2007

  7. Agreed, the Burning Crusade was the most anticipated release of 2007. Marketing sucks balls, and I am sick and tired of every piece of shit product that comes down the pipe using the same buzz words. REVOLUTIONARY! EPIC! GROUND-BREAKING! INNOVATIVE! BREATHTAKING! Bullshit.....

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I doubt Warhammer is more anticipated, far fewer people have heard of it, but LOTR well thanks to the movies practically the whole planet knows about.

    WAR does look like it's going to be really good, and looks like they learned the WoW lesson to delay and perfect and polish.

  9. Anonymous4:38 PM

    But Warhammer Online isn't coming out this year...

  10. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Pirates of the Burning Sea and Age of Conan. Honestly, I bet less people know about either of those than know about LotRO.

    Now I would say I am looking forward to both of them, and possibly even more than I looked forward to LotRO. Possibly is the wrong word. Certainly is better.

    I do believe that more people looked forward to LotRO than are looking forward to PotBS or AoC. That doesn't mean it is better than either of them, just that a larger quantity of humans were interested in it.


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